It's done: each of the six teams of theHexagon Cup has its two players, and as you will see, there are only big stars of the padel worldwide!

While we knew a little more yesterday about the identity of the participants in the Hexagon Cup, we learn today that the legend of padel world number 1 Fernando Belasteguin and current women's number 31 Paula Josemaria will also be there at the Madrid Arena from January 4 to February XNUMX!

Indeed, the two players will join the American team Eleven Eleven Padel, directed by Eva Longoria and Dani Homedes.

Thus, each team has its two basic players.

  • Team Lewandowski: Agustin Tapia and Ariana Sanchez
  • Team Advantage (Andy Murray): Martin Di Nenno and Delfi Brea
  • Team Bella Puerto Rico: Arturo Coello and Bea Gonzalez
  • Team Hexagon Cup: Alejandra Salazar and Paquito Navarro
  • Team Eleven Eleven: Fernando Belasteguin and Paula Josemaria
  • Team Rafa Nadal: Alex Ruiz and Martita Ortega

It is therefore very, very heavy stuff that will present itself in the Spanish capital in a few months. As we explained to you recently, in addition to these two “Franchise Players”, each team will select four other players: a man, a woman, and two young people. And for this, the organization calls on fans, who can vote for the players they want to see in the competition!

You know what you have left to do !

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