Change forHexagon Cup which begins in a week in Madrid: Fede Chingotto replaces Fernando Belasteguin. “Super Raton” will play on the left with Lucho Capra.

Fernando Belasteguin is not yet in full possession of his means, and one month before the official resumption of the season, he certainly prefers to be cautious: “I have not yet fully recovered from my elbow injury, which is preventing me from joining Team ElevenEleven USA for the Hexagon Cup. Such a beautiful and important event requires you to be at 100%, and out of respect for the organization, the teammates and the public, I prefer to give my place to Fede Chingotto. He is an excellent player who will put on a great show. I wish my team the best, you have my full support!”, declared the main person concerned.

Those hoping to see the brand new Bela / Capra association at the Madrid Arena will have to wait. We still hope that the legendary Pehuajo player will be fully recovered for the start of the season, expected in Riyadh in a month...

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