If it will be present in the United States for participate in the Pro Padel League, Juan Martin Diaz, after announcing his retirement a few weeks ago, is preparing to play his last major tournament in Europe.

And as a symbol, it is in the city where the legendary 47-year-old player has taken up residence since his arrival from Argentina, Madrid, that he will say goodbye to his many Spanish fans. Indeed, “El Gallego” will play his last matches in the Iberian Peninsula alongside his friend Paquito Navarro as part of the Hexagon Cup.

If JMD is somewhat amused by his current level, we would still have to count on him not to give up anything in a Madrid Arena which should be a full house. Will Diaz and Navarro be able to create a surprise tomorrow against Tapia and Sanz?

Find the program for the group stage below:

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