Already a surpriseHexagon Cup ! Indeed, Hexagon Cup Team members Paquito Navarro and Juan Martin Diaz dominated Agustin Tapia and Jon Sanz for their entry into the competition!

Juan Martin Diaz had cooled Paquito's enthusiasm a few days before the competition. The newly retired, who felt far from his best form, suggested that he was going to be something of a burden alongside the Andalusian. Nothing happened last night. We even suspect the native of Mar del Plata of having played a bit of a bluff to put pressure on Tapia and Sanz…

In any case, it worked rather well, since for JMD's last dance, the 47-year-old and his friend and former teammate Navarro delivered a very solid performance to dominate in two sets two of the players who impressed the most last season: 7/6 6/4. For their first tournament together, Agus' and Jon showed good things but they will have to work on their automatisms to get back into the competition. New opportunity today against their usual partners Coello and Nieto!

This defeat is the second for the RL9 Team, which lost in the super tie-break earlier in the Next Gen category. We also note that the first three matches of the day were all decided in the deciding set, while the following three were settled in two sets.

After Martita and Gemma's victory against Delfi and Sofia, we saw Di Nenno and Tello get the better of the latter's former teammate and Lucho Capra. The pair formed following the absence of Bela almost snatched a great tie-break but it was too close against a Di Nenno who was still so clean and a Tello who suffered in these fast conditions. After that, it was Alejandra Alonso and Paula Josemaria who dismissed Claudia Fernandez and Bea Gonzalez.

The results of the first day


Le program du jour

Next Gen (from 10:00 a.m.)

Chozas / Chamero (Eleven / Eleven) vs. R.Coello / Guerrero (Bella)

Santigosa / Collado (Rafa Nadal Academy) vs Garcia / Hernandez (AD/vantage)

Men and Women (from 15:00 p.m.)

Sanchez / C.Jensen (RL9) vs Alonso / Josemaria (Eleven Eleven)

Sanz / Tapia (RL9) vs A.Coello / Nieto (Bella)

Salazar / Icardo (Hexagon Cup) vs Brea / Araujo (AD/vantage)

Tello / Di Nenno (AD/vantage) vs Ruiz / Stupaczuk (Bella)

To follow the matches which take place from 15:00 p.m. (matches in the Next Gen category are not broadcast):

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