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Hubert Picquier: Team France - CNE Padel - FFT Padel Tour - The licensees

Hubert Picquier, the elected in charge of padel development at the FFT, gave us a few minutes following the finals of the Padel European Championships. This is an opportunity to talk about the current projects and the future of the padel.

HP: We are proud of our teams because there have been some very good games. In gentlemen, we came across a very strong Italian team it deserves his victory, you must be sporty. The girls played very well, they were serious throughout the championship, I have the trophy in hand but it is they who won on the field. We had a very good championship. The Italian federation organized this with a master hand, a big thank you to them.

PM: We can see that behind the scenes players are testing the French Tennis Federation in order to host the European Championships in two years. Can we be tempted by this?

HP: I do not know if the FFT will host the European Championships in two years but what is certain, it is the projects we have to create a training center with a central court. The president of the federation Bernard Giudicella said it and repeats, the will is to organize international events and it will not be maybe in two years but one has this will it is on.

PM: Can we give a deadline?

HP: It's not at all the purpose of giving a date to give a date. The project that we have on the island of Puteaux must be submitted to a vote of the general assembly of the federation, this is the first point. Secondly it will be available normally for 2022 end. Let's do things step by step and the time will come to organize international events in Paris.

PM: What are the important files that can be listed?

HP: Everything is set up quietly with all the energy of the services of the federation. There we are actively working on the FFT Padel Tour 2020, we are working on the stages. We learned in 2019 and we will try in 2020 to boost the FFT Padel Tour. The objective is to develop in the clubs affiliated to the federation the padel and that it is complementary for the licensees of our federation.

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