The clash between seeds 1 and 2 of the first Interclubs of padel French saw the victory of All In Décines in the men's category.

In the first meeting, Teo Zapata and Johan Bergeron were very solid to dominate Jérémy Scatena and Yann Auradou in two sets. A 6/1 6/3 victory which launched the Lyon team perfectly.

The second also saw a victory in two rounds for the players from Décines, Benjamin Tison and Norman Sanchez taking the best of Benjamin Grué and Adrien Maigret: 6/3 6/3.

The Lyon team crowned in Toulouse Padel Club

No need to play the third match, All in wins this first edition of the French Interclubs. The Big Padel Bordeaux will have had a good competition but the march was a bit high in the final against a team led in particular by Teo Zapata and Benjamin Tison, two players ranked respectively 54 and 63 in the World Padel Tour !

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