The 2023 French Interclub Championships and the competition prize ceremony were an opportunity to pay tribute to Marina Ponzio, a player much appreciated by the entire padel French, unfortunately died on July 20. The FFT and the players participated in this intense moment.

If the Gémenos Tennis Club finished in seventh place and was therefore relegated, the main thing was elsewhere. Marina's friends had a weekend full of emotions, as Gracia Radovanovic, who returned specially from Serbia for the occasion, explains: “I hope that this Championship will help me to mourn, it was a way to say one last goodbye. All the players wanted to pay tribute to Marina, who had made the team.”

Corinne Bonney, from the Gémenos club, wanted to address David, husband of Marina and their daughter: “David, we always think of Marina and your little princess will know later that her mother marked the padel French."

Gracia concludes on the lack left by the absence of Marina Ponzio: “On the field, we did not go far from maintaining, but we felt the absence of Marina in all aspects, whether sportingly or humanly speaking. .”

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