Today was the first day of final phases of the French Interclub Championships N2 – interregions 2024. We now know the names of the eight clubs which will play in the final tomorrow.

Thunderclaps at PadelShot

On the Men’s Eastern Conference side, Padel Campus Arena played spoilsport on the slopes of PadelShot in Lyon. The Hauts-de-France structure first brought down the 2nd seed, the 4Padel Strasbourg 2 (2/1), before repeating the feat by eliminating the Tennis Padel Greater Besancon (3/0), seeded number three.

In the final, the Padel Campus Arena will face the locals of the All In Padel 69. After a perfectly managed first round against the TC Folelli (3/0), the Lyonnais were mishandled by the TC Toulonnais in the last four, defeaters of the favorite of the Eastern Conference, Home Padel (2/1). The Var, in the lead after the first match, were unable to confirm and lost 2/1 in favor of the All In.

You can follow the final between Padel Campus Arena and the All In Padel 69 tomorrow at 10 a.m. Padel MagTV.

The favorites at the meeting in Perpignan

The Western Men's Conference is held in the structure of the Padel Club Le Mas in Perpignan. Headlining the table, the team led by Ludovic Cancel did not tremble on home soil, despite a defeat in the first match. In the process, the Padel Mas Club unfolded to remove The Bull Padel Club (2/1) before ending the course of the Breizh Padel (3 / 0).

The two favorites of the two parts of the table will indeed cross swords in the final, since La Bandeja also held his position. The team coached by Robin Haziza was able to count on its three Spanish players to dominate Pala Day Padel (2/0) in the quarter-final, then the MB Padel (2/0) in the semi-final.

You can follow the final between La Bandeja and Padel Club du Mas tomorrow at 10 a.m. Padel MagTV.

Chambéry brings down Forest Hill to Casa Padel

On the Eastern Women’s Conference side, the TC Chambéry turned the predictions upside down. After grinding the TC Toulonnais (3/0), the Savoyards trapped the club Forest Hill The Walk, seeded number two (2/1). The Parisians were surprised, despite an easy success in the first doubles.

Chambéry will have to surpass itself again tomorrow to hope to overcome the TC Bandol. The Varoises crushed the competition today, losing only one set in six games to reach the final. In the first round, the TC Boulogne-sur-Mer (3/0) showed himself to be powerless, just like the TSB Jarville (3/0) in the semi-final.

You can follow the final between TC Chambéry and TC Bandol tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. on Padel MagTV.

A painting cut in two in La Pala

Finally, we are still waiting to know the names of the winners of the semi-finals in the Western Women's Conference at La Pala. However, we can already draw lessons from the results of the first round with diametrically opposed trajectories between the two parts of the table.

At the bottom of the table, 4Padel Orleans (TS1) and the club of palavas (TS4) both enforced their rank by respectively beating the TC La Pommeraie (2/1) and the Red Star Padel (2/1). On the other side, the Breizh Padel overturned the CCB La Baule (TS3) with a score of 2/1 to offer an unexpected semi-final against the Central Sports Club, faller of the number two seed, the HDB Padel (2 / 1).

You can follow the Western Ladies Conference final tomorrow at 10 a.m. on Padel MagTV.

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