As we told you recently, a international tournament padel-very high level armchair was held last weekend near Tarbes.

Named Open Pyrenees, this event which brought together Padel Legend of Ibos some of the very best players of padel-armchair in the world, was a success as reported by Jean-Michel Barta, the organizer of the event to our colleagues at The New Republic of the Pyrenees : “I wanted to do something of good quality and it’s done”.

And the president of the Jullian club does not intend to stop there: “The goal is to first make this event sustainable, then why not manage to make it grow”. And when we see the performance of the French Navarro and Husser-Walther, winners of the best Spanish pair in the semi-final, we say to ourselves that the level of padel-armchair continues to rise in France!

Find the full article here.

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