Juan Martin Diaz is preparing to play the last match of his professional career in Mexico. A page turns for padel World.

He is one of the greatest players in history who is preparing to say goodbye to Mexico. Juan Martin Diaz, the legendary left-hander who spent fourteen years at the top of the padel world with a certain Fernando Belsasteguin, will retire.

After Pablo Lima and Juani Mieres, another legend of this sport is preparing to say goodbye to the circuit. For his last dance, JMD will be able to count on another monument of the padel, Miguel Lamperti, to try to finish in style. The two forty-year-olds face Pablo Gonzalez and the young Argentinian Zurita this Wednesday. Favorites from their meeting, they hope to be able to take revenge against Sanyo and Agustin Gutiérrez, whom they had heavily jostled in Malmö. For this to happen it will obviously be necessary for both pairs to win in sixteenth. For the Gutiérrez family it will be against Teo Zapata and Fran Guerrero.

Find the table just below:

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