Kevin shares the history of Barbossi Country Club with us. He returns to the introduction of padel, the club's entertainment strategies and future developments planned to meet growing demand.

The History of Barbossi Country Club

I manage the entire sports section linked to padel, which includes the organization of matches, activities, and tournaments. I am also present on the field to give lessons and supervise young players.

As for the history of the Barbossi Country Club, it was initially dedicated to tennis, known as the Maure Vieil Tennis Club, for many years. It was subsequently bought by the Barbossi estate and since 2020 taken over by our president Mr Nagib Chbeir who enriched our facilities by adding 3 ski slopes. padel. The club has transformed into a real country club, including a swimming pool and a fitness room, and recently, a billiards academy was even inaugurated.

The introduction of padel in our club was mainly motivated by the development and growing popularity of this sport. At the time of the creation of the country club, the padel did not yet attract as many people as it does today. It is our passion for sport, combined with the availability of sufficient space to set up racing tracks. padel, which prompted us to add it to our installations.

Country Club of Barbossi

The integration of padel within the club

The transition towards the integration of padel within the club has been very well received by our members and the local community. With tennis courts and padel located in distinct spaces, the club offers in a way two separate environments. This allows those who wish to play both sports to do so easily, while those preferring to focus exclusively on tennis or padel have their own dedicated area. This organization has encouraged many of our members to explore and appreciate both disciplines.

Tennis vs. padel

Regarding reservations, the padel achieves greater success in the club, with more bookings, rentals and attendance. However, the economic model is different from that of tennis. Tennis retains a more traditional and associative structure, with a well-established tennis school, group lessons, and subscriptions, which generate fewer spontaneous visits.

On the other hand, for the padel, we adopt a “pay and play” approach, where players pay per game without the need for an association subscription. For 250 euros, members can buy prepaid cards, pay for rentals and benefit from subscriptions that include everything.

Energize the padel

At the beginning, when we introduced the padel In the club, access was primarily subscription based during the first year. The players essentially organized themselves, with a few regular subscribers, and the club only intervened for the occasional organization of tournaments. Subsequently, we began to strengthen our reservation offer by organizing matches and tournaments more often, which made it possible to increase the activities around the padel.

This boost generated interest in the club and attracted people who wanted to take lessons, participate in our tournaments or simply play. It allowed us to expand our community. Today, we organize one approved tournament and one internal tournament per month to continue to attract new players throughout the year. This summer, we plan to organize several workshops, including one in July with Twenty by Ten. We also frequently collaborate with Jérémy Scatena for setting up training courses.

Country Club of Barbossi

5 new tracks padel

We plan to add 5 new tracks soon padel covered, planned for the beginning of 2025. This expansion responds to a growing demand for padel, and it is also important to have enough land to continue to keep customers. 

Dorian Massy

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