When for his Cupra Padel Point Tour from Bordeaux, we meet Kevin Villa, the director of 4PADEL Bordeaux .

soccer and padel : two complementary sports

As many footballers before him, Kévin, a football enthusiast, quickly fell in love with the little yellow ball: “As we play, we realize that we want to progress more and more. It's a very fun sport, when you're a footballer like me, physically we're already present so we have a little advantage on that. Afterwards, you have to work on your racquet stroke but we have coaches in our academy who are there for that.”

“The two sports are really complementary. I am the typical example: footballer and today a real football player. padel. Looking at the people present at this tournament, we realize that there are many football players who love padel : it’s really our strength.”

Create more events, like Cupra Padel Point Tour

“This year, the Cupra Padel Point Tour is gaining even more momentum in terms of tournaments and communication. We really want to energize the padel by obviously creating a lot of offers with these famous tournaments.”

For a center director, the main difficulty is team management: “It’s difficult to consolidate, but today we have solid foundations. We rely on versatility, we are capable of doing everything whether it is managing the academy of padel and football, sporting events like the Cupra Padel Point Tour but also private events like birthdays…”

The club also wants to offer more and more tournaments: “Have the P1000 and P2000 again like last year. Why not welcome “France” and organize other prestigious tournaments. But above all what we are looking for today is to create new players of padel, so small tournaments also have a lot of value for us!”

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