After the contract extension of his two star partners Lucia Sainz and Maxi Sanchez, Kuikma, the brand of padel from Decathlon, continues its momentum by signing two high-level French players: Dylan Guichard (N°9) and Julien Seurin (N°29). 

Seurin and Guichard: the leaders

Dylan and Julien will start the season playing with PR 990 Kuikma 2023 racquets.
Dylan with the Precision Hard and Julien with the Precision Soft, while waiting to switch to a new range marketed at the end of 2023 and for which they will be invited to participate in the development with Kuikma engineers. 

Dylan is currently one of the most promising French players on the circuit, as evidenced by his last participation in the French team's training camps before the last World Championships in Dubai and his first recent victory over a FIP.

Dylan Guichard Kuikma
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Julien is also a hope of the padel French (recently winner of his first P1000 in Réunion) but also a Youtuber who follows his daily life as a player with padel training at the highest level in a Spanish academy. 

Discover Julien Seurin's YouTube channelPadel>HERE

By signing these two young players who train together and live together, the brand is guaranteed to have good content and a great story to share with the community of padel French. 

Both players will prioritize the FIP circuit this year, (they will be this week in La Palma), but we will also have the chance to see them also evolve in France on big P1000 and P2000. 

We don't forget the ladies

On the women's side, Kuikma will accompany Lucie Allison, a promising player currently 34ᵉ in the French ranking. Licensed in Denain in the north, she also works at Decathlon as an administration manager. She will be the leader of the “Decathlon ambassadors Padel". 

In addition to this trio, very good players will evolve on the French slopes with Kuikma rackets via partnerships made locally with Decathlon stores, we can cite for example Margaux Randjbar Wanjela (N ° 33) in Bordeaux or Léo Perez (N ° 49) in Perigueux. 

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