It's a big move by My Center Palavas who brings in the 12th player in the world, Aranzazu Osoro, for the French National 1 Interclub Championships.

As we said in a previous article, the Nationale 1 Interclubs will welcome many international players several of which are part of the world Top 100. And the best known of the group is Aranzazu Osoro, 12th player in the world and finalist of the World Padel Tour Master Final 2023!

Having moved back to the right for some time, Veronica Virseda's new teammate at international level is, at 27, at the top of her art. With My Center Palavas, she should play on the left to try to have as much influence as possible.

This international class player will try, in particular with the young Andrea Ustero (39 FIP), who is also part of the team, to try to allow the Hérault club to win the national title!

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