The Corsica league and the Essonne league have proposed regional phases for the French paddle championships this weekend.
Review of this rich weekend padelistically:

The league of Essonne: The favorites prevail

In Essonne, the qualifications for the French padel championship took place on the grounds of Servon on Saturday 05 September.
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Two girls' teams and four men's teams were present for this first edition.
In girls, Kildine ALBERT and Nadia BOUSSARD won.
In the boys, following a group phase where all the teams met in good spirits, it was Loïc LE PANSE and Sébastien RUIZ DE CONEJO who won. With a good experience in the padel, they hope to make a good result in Lyon for the championships of France.
Next and last stop in the league Languedoc le 12 septembre.

The league Corsica: A pair man in Lyon

At As Milleli (Ajaccio) with its padel pitch, the league also proposed its regional stage for the French paddle championships.

Final victory of Lilian Prod'homme pair (2 / 6) / Ghjuvacchinu Rossini (15 / 3) against Pierre Mori (15) and Baptiste Borelli (15 / 1) 6 / 1 6 / 3

Photo Padel CC 2015_AS Milelli (3)

Source: Alexandre Mazurier and Sylvain Bichon (FFT Source)

Franck Binisti

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