Jérôme Bécasset and Jean-Marc Herard will carry out a daily zoom on a league and its representatives for the French padel championships in Padel Lyon Club (Padel Central). The Tennis Center league is under siege.

CENTER girls

1 / Fitness trail

c (DG): I started tennis at the age of 5 years, has been teaching since the age of 17 years. I practice beach tennis since 2010 (defending regional champion).

I play padel since 3 months.

Émilie THAUVIN (ET): I started tennis at 10 years, the competition a little later, to reach a negative ranking. I also practiced badminton a little.

2 / The discovery of Padel

DG: During a school trip to Andalusia in 2012, there was a padel pitch in our residence.

AND: On the occasion of regional this year in Fleury les Aubrais.

3 / Experience and Goals

DG: I play regularly since the qualifying phases of the French championships, have played National Padel Cup and managed to qualify for the Cap d'Agde final, in mixed doubles.

Padel has replaced tennis. I do not compete in tennis since I play padel!

I wish to travel, improve my level of practice, and discover this sport.

AND: 4 or 5 sessions. No particular perspective except to have fun.

4 / Which club?

DG and ET: We train at the Orleans Soccer Park in Loiret.

5 / Your partner?

DG: we play together since 3 month, once every two weeks. We are geographically distant, and very few lands are available, moreover, we both have professional constraints that prevent us from practicing more assiduously.

ET: We were already playing beach tennis together so we wanted to try the padel.

6 / Course during the regional qualifications

DG: Only two teams entered!

AND: 1 only match that served us of discovery,

7 / Ambitions and prognosis for the finals

DG: Play, meet, discover, share, learn, have fun. No idea as to the final result of the tournament, the southern players are favorites because they can play more often.

ET: Play match after match, have fun, progress and learn.
At the moment, I have no plans Padel in the medium term and do not know any of the players present for the finals

8 / Message for opponents

DG: Fair play and pleasure

AND: Be nice!


1 / Fitness trail

Virgil AMIOT (VA): best 1 / 6 ranking in tennis, I stopped completely in 2009. I was also Junior French Champion of Halfcourt, a variant of mini-tennis, and since 2011, I started playing table tennis.

Xavier THOMAS (XT): I am a professional firefighter and sports enthusiast in general, versatile and practical of many sports disciplines with a medium level. I started tennis in 2004 (30 / 4) to reach 15 in 2012.

2 / The discovery of Padel

VA: By chance on the occasion of the regional championships of the Central League

XT: It's my tennis partner Virgile who signed us up for this championship. I did not know this sport before.

3 / Experience and Goals

VA: After a first experience at the regional championships, I quickly got caught up in the game. I took advantage of my vacation in the south of France to train for Real Padel by Sophia Antipolis. Since my return, I have decided to practice regularly in order to prepare myself for the end of the French championships.

My past as a tennis player has allowed me to progress quickly in recent months but I must now immerse myself in the "padel culture" to continue to evolve my game.

XT: Discovered a very short time ago, we rarely practice padel for the moment. Soon, I plan to play both tennis and padel.

4 / Which club?

VA: I play Soccer Park Fleury les Aubrais, opened in February 2015 (2 padel courts).

XT: We have a soccer park in Orléans where there are 2 Padel.

5 / Your partner?

VA: I proposed to my partner Xavier to team up for the regional championships because it seemed to me that our tennis playing characteristics could be complementary on a padel court.

XT: It's a discipline that allows you to share. It is also very playful. It also allows to erase level differences between tennis players.

6 / Course during the regional qualifications

VA: Incredible and rich in emotions: in addition to having had a lot of fun discovering the sport, the outcome of the tournament was thrilling, with the victory in the final after being led 9 / 5 super tiebreak.

XT: They took place in a very pleasant and well organized atmosphere.

7 / Ambitions and prognosis for the finals

VA: Take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the big celebration of the national padel. Let's use this experience for the future, and enter all the sporting opportunities according to the draw.

For watching some videos on the internet, the team Haziza Scatena seems pretty solid, like other teams in the south who practice padel for many years.

XT: Of course we want to win the title, and why not become 100 players% padel .... No more seriously, like tennis, everything is possible, especially doubles! I will be pretentious to answer you that we are favorites, but in the end: that the best win!

8 / Message for opponents

VA: To speak is good, to act is better !! Good luck to all and may the best win !!

XT: May the best win!

Philippe DEBRE development consultant

1 / League league proceedings

Very good return with 16 teams (14 men and 2 ladies)

2 / Positioning the league

This practice is very fun and has an advantage: we do not need to serve 200 Km / hour to win!

3 / Help, actions and upcoming events

Yes the league championship is expected 19 and 20 March 2016. We also help existing structures to promote discipline.

4 / Who to contact?

Officially we have no contact Padel, in practice, the Development Advisor joins the Territorial Technical Advisor to address the issue

Jerome Becasset

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