La last reference to reveal to you represents the real revolution at Bullpadel, and in many ways. Federico Chingotto's new signature racket, with a hybrid shape and medium balance, has been developed according to his preferences, incorporating innovative technologies to guarantee an experience closely aligned with his aspirations.

As the only player on the team Bullpadel having changed models this year, Federico Chingotto specifically formulated his requests to the Spanish firm to create a racket with precise characteristics, adapted to his temperament and in harmony with his style of play.

Is the Neuron, with its unique features, positioned as a rival to flagship models focused on power like the Hack and Vertex, or to those favoring lightness like the recently tested women's rackets? This is what we will examine without further delay!

A special racket for a special player

Let's start with a brief historical overview. Fede Chingotto is a player who is deeply loyal to Bullpadel, just as it was to one of his former partners Juan Tello, with whom he formed a pair for many years.

Affectionately nicknamed “El Raton”, Chingotto stands out for his exceptional mobility, undeniable game vision and phenomenal ball touch. As a truly patient and strategic right-handed player, however, he needed one last touch of power to claim to be one of the most complete competitors of his generation. Lately, Fede has made a significant transition from a round format racquet (Vertex CTRL) to a much more powerful racquet, the Vertex 03, in a diamond shape.

This change allowed him to be more decisive during phases of play requiring energetic finishing. This stage concluded successfully, but, as is often the case, improvements in one aspect of the game led to compromises in other areas. Although he gained power, he lost control in defense and maneuverability. This type of racket is in fact better suited to his former friend Tello, one of the most powerful hitters on the circuit, and less compatible with his style of play focused on more subtle and worked finishes. This is why the Neuron model was specially designed to perfectly match its aspirations, combining dynamism and extreme versatility.

Neuron = neurons

“Neuron” represents the English name for the term “neuron”, illustrated on the upper and lower part of the sieve by dendrites (interconnected branches which receive neuronal signals), producing various small branches before ending in nerve endings.

This representation clearly evokes the functioning of the human brain, and the connotation with cerebral players (bright and constructive) seems obvious. A neuron represents a complex and active cell of the nervous system, specialized in receiving, processing and transmitting information. In terms of material, we can consider that the Neuron racket from Bullpadel plays a similar role by receiving the ball on its screen, processing the shot optimally, and transmitting an appropriate response to each shot.

In an organic context, the term “neuron” evokes acceleration, liveliness and explosiveness, traits that echo Fede Chingotto. I think that the etymologies and names validated by Bullpadel are not the result of chance, but are meticulously selected to reflect the characteristics of the racket that the brand wishes to highlight. It should be noted that, even if sometimes I have to extrapolate slightly on the roots and their interpretation, I think I get closer to the truth more often than not!

Concerning the look, I find this pala as beautiful, if not more attractive than the Vertex W that I had previously appreciated. A matte black tone predominates across the entire frame, significantly highlighting a logo in a beautiful steel gray, creating an atmosphere of serenity and sophistication. The chalk white deck, both deep and bright, brings an extra touch of elegance, while Federico Chingotto's signature reminds us that this racket was specially designed by and for him.


What are the main new features of this model? First of all, the striking surface is entirely smooth, which contrasts markedly with the majority of models in the ProLine range (except the Elite), which benefit from either a granular (Top Spin) or embossed ( 3D Grain).

Then, the drilling plan, which benefits from a real transformation. If Bullpadel had accustomed us to following a more classic perforation pattern, the latter is very different from what we had known before. Called Smart Holes, the layout aims to improve the sweet spot, optimize weight distribution, and generate new rotational synergy during hits requiring a lot of spin.

But the real innovation lies in the lateral Wave System, formed by a frame equipped with a wave-shaped structure applied to each side of the racket. This mechanism disperses vibrations and promotes flexing of the racket upon impact, thus improving the flexibility of the frame to optimize the trampoline effect. This property facilitates smooth acceleration of the ball with minimal effort, especially during defensive phases. With the AeroChannel, a slightly profiled area that represents the natural continuity of the Wave System, we have two technologies that work together synergistically to increase the maneuverability of the racket. This combination manifests itself in excellent responsiveness during rapid exchanges, favored by a notable improvement in aerodynamics.

Finally, the Neuron bridge, transverse and entirely created for this new model, ensures the connection between the two lateral Wave profiles. It acts as the conductor of the orchestra, managing twist to absorb reactivity, promoting vibration dispersion while eliminating superfluous energy. This results in reduced player hand fatigue and improved comfort while gaming.

As for proven technologies, we can note the presence of the dual-density MultiEva rubber, and the Xtend carbon fiber faces, this time in 3 K. Being less rigid than the 12 K, the latter are combine with the MultiEva core to provide a less abrupt hitting sensation, more comfort and better control. The Hesacore grip is also retained to improve grip, and the Carbontube frame ensures exceptional strength and optimal distribution of the control/power ratio. In addition, the VibraDrive, which absorbs a significant part of the vibrations generated by off-center hits, is also integrated. The padded wrist strap constitutes this additional detail which will make all the difference for those who can no longer do without this essential accessory in order to increase comfort on the wrist during your long training sessions. padel.


During the game, the maneuverability of this racket fully lived up to its promises. Like a glove that fits your hand perfectly, the Neuron seems to be an extension of your arm, allowing you to control it with each shot without apparent effort. The strikes are precise, direct, and without requiring excessive force. The sweet spot is remarkable, the vibrations contained, and the ball exit is completely satisfactory.

In intense and virulent exchanges, the racket still manages to stand out, even if this is not its preferred area.

The power of the smashes is considerable, but does not rival that of classic Hack or Vertex models, with different balance and high rigidity. This is good, because it is not specifically in this area that it was designed, and fortunately, it excels in other aspects of the game. In particular, it offers exceptional maneuverability at the net and in ultra-fast rallies, but above all it proves particularly effective when you find yourself in a defensive situation, requiring reactivity and speed of execution beyond average to regain control of the ball.

I also appreciated the impact sound, a little more muffled than most of the models I have tested, a characteristic which, personally, appeals to me enormously.


In conclusion, the Neuron stands out as a captivating racket suitable for all styles of play. After testing the entire ProLine range for more than a month, I was able to study this pala in detail, compare it to other models and draw objective conclusions. This reference impressed me both with its handling, its responsiveness, and its final performance, whether in attack, defense or in the waiting game. It is truly surprising and will satisfy the most demanding players. Its arrival in the catalog of Bullpadel marks a real step forward, perfectly meeting certain criteria of comfort and power.

As a player, this is the racket I've been hoping for for a long time! Its versatility makes it as effective for the patient and methodical right-handed player as it is for the lively and hard-hitting left-handed player, and this adaptability will allow it to appeal to a wide range of players. The Neuron stands out for its innovations, remarkable balance and aesthetic appeal, and I am confident that it will become a bestseller for Bullpadel.

I wanted to express my great gratitude to Antoine Sarroste and his entire team for giving me the opportunity to test the entire range simultaneously. This opportunity was a real asset, and the quality of the articles written stems from the possibility of putting all these models in competition at the same time, and of extracting all the necessary information in order to compare them with each other.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!