Stéphane Penso grabs this week the most incisive range of palas Wilson Padel. These are 3 new rackets from the range Ultra that we present to you today.

Since its inception in 1913, Wilson has been progressive in all respects; in the design, technology and promotion of sports equipment. The brand is also inextricably linked to the world of tennis. Serena and Venus Williams have been playing Wilson racquets for years and the brand has developed a unique racquet for Roger Federer, from the famous Pro Staff range.

Wilson continues to expand this know-how in the development of palas and accessories for padel. The proof is with the signature of the living legend Fernando Belasteguin, for whom the brand has developed a Bela series in the image of the former world number 1, explosive and confusing for ordinary people.

Whether you are a player of padel beginner, intermediate, or whether you are a true professional competitor, at Wilson you will always find an affordable racquet that fully meets your needs. The collection therefore includes a wide range of models for different styles of play.

Today we are going to look at the new Ultra V2 series, available in 3 versions. We will see what are the novelties displayed by the Chicago company.

Ultra PRO

Wilson's most focused attack pala is back in an upgraded version with a sleek, understated design and color combination. The Ultra Pro V2 is a racket diamond shaped with medium balance and light weight between 350 and 360 grams (355 grams on my scale). This means it will offer slightly better control compared to many diamond shaped racquets on the market, which are often heavier and with head balance.

The lower weight is a plus in defensive play as you have to quickly maneuver the racket to hit the ball.

As on the previous version, we find the hollowed frame profile Infinity Edge, which increases the pala's sweet spot and improves the playing surface with a revolutionary concave design along the frame.

This year, the innovation for this Ultra Pro V2 is the Power Pillar in the heart of the racket. It is at the level of the bridge that the junction is made between the handle and the screen, a reinforcement which offers an increased stability to the strike and a higher ball speed.

But Wilson doesn't stop there, she also offers the brand new Double Carbon Wall 2.0, a combination of an exclusive carbon layer under another carbon fiber layer, for ever more radiant power.

The improved impact surface consists of double layers of carbon fiber with different stiffness, which means the racket adapts to you and your shots, to gain forgiveness and provide an excellent control / power ratio (sweet maximum spot). According to Wilson, this provides power for hard hits and better control for hits requiring more hitting.

So much information that I was able to confirm by having peeled this pala for many hours.

On the surface, Wilson laid a granular structure Opti-Grip which includes a 3D texture on the hitting area to optimize the grip of the ball by improving the grip for striking spin. This provides a great feel in the slice and a wonderful spin of your balls.

Deeper down we find Wilson's stiffer core, Firm Eva, which, together with the carbon fiber surface, gives you great power and excellent precision in the shots.

The foam Firm EVA ensures safe, crisp shots for faster ball deflection and great control.

In combination with light weight and obvious maneuverability, the racquet also becomes very invigorating in aerial play and completely bluffing when it comes to smashes.

We end with the Sublime Grip which encompasses an ideal blend of softness, grip and comfort with additional moisture absorption through micro-perforations on its surface.


Ultra Elite V2 is a slightly smoother variant of the Ultra Pro. Instead of pure carbon fiber on the impact surface, Wilson brings us the all new CFC.

Carbon Fiberglass Composit is a combination of fiberglass and carbon for durability and ball output. The fiberglass composite provides a feeling of lightness and delivers greater explosiveness compared to faces which do not have it. This gives a little less dry strikes and more accompaniment.

This Elite is in diamond format, like its big sister, but offers a more refocused balance, which makes it even easier to handle.

The weight is slightly more than that of the Pro, 363 grams, which is in the low average for rackets oriented full power. Like other palas, Elite is built with the frame Infinity Edge to increase the sweet spot and provide more room for error in hitting.

To strengthen the racquet and increase this stability, the Power Pillar is also at the heart of the bridge. She can always rely on the textured hitting surface Opti-Grip, which gives increased spin and more spin when hitting the ball.

The foam Soft Eva provides cushioning and exceptional shock absorption to provide you with a very appreciable balance between comfort and lightness.

For those of you who have elbow issues but still want a racquet with power, this is a great choice of pala due to its stability, low weight, and the blend of fiberglass and carbon fiber.

Ultra TEAM

The Ultra Team is an accessible and fun racquet, which is perfect for the beginner who wants to play at a high tempo. Ideal if, for example, you have experience in other racket sports and want to start a padel aggressive.

With its diamond shape and medium balance, the Ultra Team develops energetic and controlled power. It features the most flexible foam of the Ultra family and is equipped with a smooth fiberglass surface, combined with an elastic core that will give you unparalleled flexibility.

Weaving only in fiberglass Fiberglass Weave (no carbon at all) therefore offers an excellent mix of stability and reactivity.

Endowed with Core Foam, a very low density foam, this pala will allow you to develop your shots with confidence with a serene and comfortable feeling.

The result: smooth and forgiving strikes, as well as extra thrust in low amplitude hits.

The heaviest racket in the range Ultra  With 367 grams on the clock, it will therefore be perfect for the apprentice in search of thrills who wishes to develop an energetic game thanks to the recognized qualities of fiberglass. The latter will erase the many approximations when you are starting out, and will provide immediate comfort for those who are learning. It also benefits from the brand's latest technologies such as the Infinity Edge,  Power Pillar and the Sublim Grip.


Wilson has managed to come up with a much more tame “Ultra” line than the Bela series. The latter was aimed at a rigorous and efficient type of player, with an energetic arm and a solid shoulder, dominating the pala and not dominated by the pala.

Today, although the name Ultra is synonymous with power, the Illinois firm has decided to integrate fiberglass in 2 of its 3 models, synonymous with generous comfort and considerable ball output. The bet is successful both technologically and price.

The flagship of the range, the Ultra Pro, is offered at 209 €, the Ultra Elite, a little over 150 €, and the latest Ultra Team at the incredible price of 90 € (note that the youngest is available in 2 colors, black or blue background).

Thanks to Benoit Valour from Wilson France for the loan of the palas, to Régis Gorrino, manager of the magnificent club of padel Luminy Marseille, as well as to my loyal Teammates, Lolo, Gilou and Olive.

Julien Bondia

Julien Bondia is a teacher of padel in Tenerife. He is the founder of, a software very popular with clubs and players of padel. Columnist and advisor, he helps you to play better through his many tutorials padel.