The Pro Padel League kicked off its 2024 season this week with its first event taking place in Miami on the Ultra slopes Padel Club. We come back in detail on this competition bringing together the greatest players in the world, all circuits combined.

Premier Padel and A1 combined

This league is made up of 10 teams: the Las Vegas Smash, the Cancun Waves, the Miami Padel Club, the Flowrida Goats, the San Diego Stingrays, the Los Angeles Beat, the Arkansas Matrix, the Toronto Polar Bears, the New York Atlantics, and the Houston Volts.

Each team is made up of several players from the two main international circuits: Premier Padel and A1 Padel. A particularity which guarantees the spectacle, as when Agustin Tapia and Tolito Aguirre crossed swords this week in the confrontation between Miami Padel Club and the Los Angeles Beat. Find here the list of players and the composition of the teams.

A mixed competition

The 10 teams are separated into two groups of five: the White Group and the Gold Group. The matches take place as follows: a men's doubles, a women's doubles then a mixed doubles. The matches are in the format of two sets of six games and a 10-point super tie-break in the third set, with the exception of mixed doubles which is played in a single winning set of six games.

The Pro Padel League therefore takes place in stages, with tournaments over a week. At the end of the four regular season stages planned for this year, the 8 best teams will meet for the Finals in New York at the end of 2024. The event offers prize money of one million dollars.

An event that is growing

As PPL President Marcos del Pilar says: “serve as a catalyst for padel and to make this great sport known across North America.” To this end, the competition is growing even more this year by increasing the number of broadcast partnerships: MSG, DAZN, FOX USA Espanol and even platforms like Game+.

The North American league also ensured the establishment of a brand already renowned in the padel, since Adidas has become the official court of the Pro Padel League this year. A multi-year agreement which will spearhead the development of slopes on American soil, knowing that more than 30.000 courses are expected by 2029 according to the United States Padel association.

You can follow the end of the first stage from 17 p.m. French time on the Pro website Padel League. The Miami Padel Club of Agustin Tapia and Ari Sanchez will face the Las Vegas Smash of Gonzalo Alfonso and Alejandra Alonso de Villa.

Martin Schmuda

A competitive tennis player, Martin discovered the padel in 2015 in Alsace and appeared in a few tournaments in Paris. Today a journalist, he deals with current affairs padel while continuing its rise in the world of the little yellow ball!