Laurent Bensadoun is one of the best players in padel French and yet his discretion does not necessarily allow us to realize that he was the best French player on the professional circuit of padel, World Padel Tour, with a few French premieres to his credit.

126e global player in 2016

Laurent Bensadoun is actually the first player to reach the top 130 mark of the World Padel Tour. He did it in 2016 after participating in 3 stages of the World Padel Tour. Yes, he played most often with players from World Padel Tour… But not only, since he will succeed in great competitions with Sébastien Corbelli.

After the 2nd qualifying round of the stage of World Padel tour, Laurent managed to obtain 88 points to finally finish at 92 points and thus take the 126th place in the world. These points were therefore obtained after 3 beautiful tournaments:

  • A 3rd round in the Monte Carlo pre-qualifying Padel Master with his Argentinian partner Denis Perino who had no points at the time, but who is today in the top 80 of the WPT.
  • A second round of pre-qualifying in Seville with Sébastien Corbelli, the President of Padel Club de Vence and Sports Director at Tennis Padel Sun.
  • And another 2e round at the Madrid Open with Sebastien Corbelli.

Le World Padel Tour from 2015

In 2015, Laurent Bensadoun is already on the circuit of World Padel Tour, he managed to make a last lap during the previas of the first edition at the Monte Carlo Padel Master with the Spanish Sergy Nogueras as partner. In the same year, he reached the world top 160.

An adventure that starts in 2004

Laurent tells us about his beginnings in the padel :

I started the padel thanks to Nallé Grinda in 2004. The padel becomes a real favorite and a passion. I will start playing regularly. I was champion of France with him in 2007 with a final at the European Championship in Barcelona (Defeat against Spain).

But it does not continue its momentum. He stops dead when he is confronted with "an unhealthy atmosphere in the padel". He continues his explanations:

The atmosphere has become hateful between the players. It was sad, but that's how it is. So I fled the padel, because for me this team sport was not war on and off the pitch. And so I moved on.

'Fabrice Pastor put me back in shape'

While Laurent absolutely no longer plays padel, Fabrice Pastor, the President of Monte Carlo International Sports offers him in 2015 to play again at the padel and come to train at Tennis Padel Sun. He tells us :

In 2015, thanks to Fabrice Pastor, I took over the padel at the Beausoleil club.

And I win the first French tournament of padel history FFT approved at the Beausoleil club and organized by Christian Collange.

A new adventure begins

Laurent is therefore relaunched in the padel. by Fabrice Pastor who quickly offered him to join the MCIS team (Monte Carlo International Sports) and Bullpadel.

The passion returns and he can thus regularly replay at Tennis Padel Soleil led at the time by Christian Collange.

Laurent continues:

Not only am I revived by Fabrice, but he offers me an exceptional setting, to play Tennis Padel Sunshine and train with one of the best players in the world, Gaby Reca.

2016 is an incredible year since internationally, I am making results with my 3 stages of World Padel Tour, but in France also the results follow with in particular a final during the French championships of padel with Maxime Moreau.

During the world championships padel in Portugal, Laurent distinguished himself once again against Portugal in particular… Unfortunately 2 months after Portugal, Laurent encountered health problems which cut him short in his progress in the padel French.

I had health problems and an operation that kept me away from the land for almost a year. Now it's behind month and I want to come back in the race.

After the glitches, it starts again!

Laurent Bensadoun has this great chance to train with the best. He has resumed training with Gaby Reca and for 2 months, Fernando Poggi has also been training him at Tennis Padel Sun.

This year I made 3 tournaments of padel including the Fabrice Pastor Cup where we beat Leygue / Chingotto in the final.

Laurent does not rule out returning to competition this year with a few stages of the World Padel Tour and the possibility to play with “a player of the top 60 world ".

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.