Many experts are convinced of this: the padel is the sport of the new millennium. This is why many investors are deciding to take a close interest in it, and recently, Portuguese footballers have decided to take the plunge.

It all started with Rui Caetano, who decided to retire to open clubs padel. The ex-international was imitated by two other players who wear the Portuguese selection jersey: Diogo Dalot, who opened a club in Porto last May with Paquito Navarro, and of course Cristiano Ronaldo, who decided to invest in a colossal project in his native country.

As Dalot rightly says: “Le padel is a sport that is becoming more and more fashionable and has been growing in recent years, not only in Portugal, but also all over the world, and therefore it was logical for me to invest in this sport.” Portuguese players are not the only footballers to bet in the business of padel. We of course think of Zinedine Zidane, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Francesco Totti...And we wouldn't be surprised if other football stars followed the same line!

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