The ecosystem of padel represents a real market, it is even estimated at 2 billion ! Between tracks, equipment, TV rights and ticketing, the sources of income are numerous. In his report, the Deloitte Monitor firm details how the global economy is distributed padel. We will explain everything to you.

distribution economy of padel

The operation of clubs padel, estimated at 1M euros

Clubs padel exploit the tracks by invoicing the reservation to the players. The size of this market depends on the courts available in the clubs, the average occupancy per day and the average price per booking. According to Monitor Deloitte, the total value will increase year on year as new clubs open around the world, as well as increasing occupancy rates and booking fees, which depend on the demand generated by the club. 'activity.

The production of the land, valued at 200M euros

According to the firm's report, manufacturers design, process and assemble the tracks of padel, at an average price of €18 to €000 per court (excluding shipping and installation costs). Most track manufacturers padel are based in Spain and offer the highest quality standardized courts, which they ship worldwide. The value is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years, with new regions driving demand for new land.

Representing a total of 1M euros, the court infrastructure market padel (rental + manufacturing) is the most valued segment of the ecosystem of the padel.

Snowshoes, a market of 370M euros

Snowshoes padel are manufactured by many brands and are generally sold to the customer through distributors, whether clubs, specialized shops or online platforms. According to a study by Playtomic, players of padel recurring customers in Spain buy on average a racket of padel Every 15 months.

Balls and accessories, sector valued at 80M euros

In addition to snowshoes padel, there are many manufacturers and distributors of Balles, online and offline. According to the Playtomic study, balls of padel are replaced, on average, every 5 matches. The average price of a pack of 3 balls of padel is around 5 euros in Europe.

Textile represents 100M euros

clothes related to padel can be distinguished between garments specially created for the padel and standard sportswear that can also be used for practice. On the other hand, players of padel also buy sports shoes suitable for the activity.

With 550M euros, the sector of the sale of equipment and clothing of padel is set to experience steady growth as the global player base expands.

The economy of TV and media rights represents only 35M euros

Professional tournaments are broadcast by many channels, which sign multi-year contracts to obtain the broadcasting rights. In February 2022, Mediapro acquired the commercial media rights to the World Padel Tour and who resells it to the various chains in the world. THE Premier Padel can also be watched on many private channels (beIN Sports, ESPN, Canal Plus…) as well as on Youtube.

The ticket office is worth 15M euros

The ticketing sector corresponds to tickets sold during matches on the professional circuits of padel. Tickets are sold mainly for three circuits: World Padel Tour, Premier Padel and A1 Padel. This market is still in its infancy, with tickets generally being sold at very attractive prices to optimize stadium occupancy.

We therefore note that the sector of padel professional (ticketing + TV and media rights) is still in its infancy and weighs only 50M euros. The audience during professional competitions remains limited and professional players are still few in number. However, it has significant growth potential.

thomas jay

After being rocked by tennis for nearly 15 years, I became an absolute fan of its cousin, the padel. For nearly a year now, I've been chasing the little yellow ball with another racquet, but with just as much passion! Based in Lyon, I intend to make you better acquainted with the padel in the region and at the national level.