The practice of racket sports is often accompanied by logistical challenge to provide and manage adequate equipment for members and players passing through clubs. Faced with this need, emerging solutions are emerging:

  • 1. Rental stations,
  • 2. The “Vending Machine”.

Make your land profitable Padel by adopting innovative solutions ! Such as rental stations, revolutionizing the way rackets and balls are made available. Vending machines also make it possible to meet the needs of players by selling items necessary for practicing their favorite sports.

Rental stations, a profitable model for your padel

An interesting option to make your land profitable padel is to use rental stations. This is done in the form of lockers for store the material. In particular the rackets and balls which are made available to players.

The operation is simple: each rental requires a bank imprint. So rackets, which have RFID chips for tracking and storing equipment, can be placed in these lockers. Clubs have the freedom to compose their own packs of equipment to place in these devices.

Partner clubs receive these lockers free of charge ! Installation and delivery of racket vending machines are also free of charge. Whether indoors or outdoors. This initiative presents several advantages for partner clubs: automated management of racket rentals, additional income, the possibility of trying new products and equipment, and all this, free of charge.

The Vending Machine to make your land profitable padel

The “Buddy Express” revolutionizes the sale of equipment within your club. This unique service allows members and players to easily obtain essential items such as balls, clothing suitable for playing racket sports, as well as nutrition and hydration products. With a monthly subscription of €200, the club benefits entirely from sales, thus creating an additional source of income.


The benefits for your club include automated sales management, ensuring increased profitability. In addition, the club has the power to select products to be put on sale, thus adapting the offer to the specific needs of members.

Technically, the distributor offers several payment methods such as change, bank card and payment by telephone. In addition, it provides real-time monitoring of operations, guaranteeing efficient management. In terms of dimensions, the dispenser is compact with measurements of 1830 x 810 x 880 mm (height x width x depth).

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