Padelists, the new club in the twelfth arrondissement of Paris is about to open its doors. In fact, it should be open to the public from April!

Fruit of the friendship and collaboration between the Rapin brothers, Antoine and Hugo, and Martin Lévy, Padelists, who had launched YouTube videos in 2022 in partnership with the FFT and Wilson, will now open their club padel, and he could call others!

The center, located in Paris, ten minutes from the Porte Charenton and Cour Saint-Émilion metro stations, will have two panoramic tracks with the FFT quality label and latest generation carpets, with a superb ceiling height of 11,50 meters!

In addition, there will be a traditional pro shop, as well as a club house with a space for playing ping-pong and darts, but also a 40m2 room upstairs that can be made available for fitness activities.

The three partners promise: “this club will be like no other!” thanks to a mixture of raw and urban elements associated with plants and artistic creations.

What about catering, you ask? This is what the bosses say: “We want to differentiate ourselves by offering a range of fresh products paying homage to the origins of padel (quesadillas, bocadillos, boards of charcuterie and Spanish cheeses, Argentinian wines, beers and Spanish wines) but also cocktails or non-alcoholic beer!” That smells good!

Address : 20 rue Escoffier, Paris 12 (next to the Bercy 2 shopping center)

Duration: : 07:00 a.m. – 23:30 p.m. 7 days a week

To follow the progress of the work and find out more about this project, go to the Instagram account of Padelists here.

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