Loïc Le Panse comes to our microphone during the P2000 from Carquefou. He talks to us in particular about the Set Padel here opened its doors last year.

The and Padel (Narbonne) thoroughly

The club is doing pretty well, we're pretty happy. Here, we are coming out of a big month of December with the holidays. So that’s great, we’ll say that everything is starting to fall into place. The only negative point we will say is that it is the restaurant which is arriving in April, it is really a lack at the moment for the moment. But that's it, we're on the right track, normally at the beginning of April, we will be able to start having lunch and even dinner at the club.

It’s really starting to look like a clubhouse, so we managed to find a warm atmosphere, so that’s quite nice and I think that having a bar will add something extra to the club. Afterwards, on the sporting part, the tournaments work very well, we are also starting to have young people who are also starting to come with possibly, within a few months, a training center dedicated to padel.

In any case, I have some requests afterwards, to see where this will take us, but in any case the idea is to be able to start training the players of tomorrow a little. There will be the school of padel leisure in mid-August certainly.

Interclubs with the Set

For the moment, we have to start with Regional 2, so we will go up with the club players, really keep this club spirit. So, it will be the local players who will play, I will certainly strengthen the team for the Regional.

And ultimately, why not set up a National team, but we're going to say that we're going to take the time, we're not going to put the cart before the horse, we're going to do things gradually. That the club is represented and that it is present in the team matches because we are a club of padel and we want to participate. For the moment, playing Nationale 1 is not the number one objective.

His opinion on the National Interclub debate 1

My point of view on this, I think it's good because to beautify it all a little, to increase the level of play, I think it's good, then I think it just needs to be regulated . We have to limit it because it could take the place of French players. The idea is to find a balance that allows French players to play and that they can use the Spanish and Argentinians to simply improve the level of play. In fact. I think we should just regulate and then there will be no more debate”

For me we have to limit it to two or else force the players to do a certain number of tournaments, to also participate in the development of the P2000s that we are currently doing, the P1000s etc. I find it very unfortunate for a French Championship to have six Spaniards among the six potential players.

There should be a regulation, a specification which says “half of the workforce must not change”, if only to balance it out. Afterwards it's hard for the other three who are behind, but it's part of the game too. How do you tell the captain and the president, or the person who takes care of the team, to know how to get the message across so that it goes well.

His partner Quentin Ayuso

Quentin, I know him very well, he’s been a friend for a long time. I need to play with partners who know me because we spend more time off the field than on the pitch. I need that closeness. He’s someone who is also quite close, he’s in Béziers, so we’re going to train a little, that was one of the conditions.

He is left-handed so he gives me a change. I had to separate from my former partner to change my playing profile. With age, I cannot maintain a high physical level all year round. I can prepare for one or two deadlines, but not for a full season.

Things are going very well with Quentin. Together we won a P1000 in Palavas and made a semi-final at the P1500 in Esprit Padel, where we lost against Nicolas Rouanet and Norman Sanchez.

Dorian Massy

New follower of padel, I am fascinated by this dynamic sport which combines strategy and agility. I find in the padel a new passion to explore and share with you on Padel Magazine.