Ludovic Cancel looks back on his start to the season, his objectives, the changes in partners and his upcoming program for the rest of the season.

Not an ideal start to the season

“It's been almost a year since I've been bothered by bad tendinitis in my knee and now I'm quite happy because it's much better, I've been able to resume physical training. I'm getting back on track and regaining strength.

I'm a little mixed about this start of the season because I had to play with Arthur Hugounenq and I come away very disappointed with this association, I think he preferred to play with Pierre-Vincent

For the rest of the season, I will be associated with Benjamin Grue, a player with whom I shared the track for almost two years already. I am very happy with this future association, I think we will both be very competitive and I can’t wait to see what will happen for the rest of the season.”  

His opinion on partner changes

“I find that changing partners regularly adds difficulty. Since last year I have changed teammates a lot, I moved between the right side and the left side and in my opinion we end up less competitive in the end.

I'm in the mindset of having a permanent partner, and that's good because Benjamin is also in this mindset. In the end, the more we connect with a partner, the more automatisms we create and the better we are. When you change playing partners all the time, it’s a little more complicated.”

Ludovic Cancel

Areas for improvement 

“My areas of improvement in terms of play, I would say it is to gain in explosiveness to be able to get to the net very quickly. I am a player who is rather consistent, I make few mistakes, but sometimes gaining explosiveness would allow me to gain a few meters to punch no more volleys.

Then I would like to improve my finishing smash because I am still quite offensive, but now there are more and more players who hit very hard, from very far, and that is a little less my style of play .

But in general I try to work a little on everything, to be more precise on areas of play, areas of defense. And in the defense phase, I would like to be able to better manage the little balls at my feet which sometimes pose a problem for me.”

Chain the FIPs

“Now that my knee is better, I can train again, I will become more competitive again and I will resume the FIP season, which I will play with Benjamin Grué, depending on his availability. 

I want to thank Oxdog for their continued trust, as well as my club in Perpignan and my trainer Alain Henry, for their valuable support.”

We find Ludovic Cancel and Benjamin Grué in Dubai this week!

Dorian Massy

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