This weekend the French Marianne Vandaele and Lorie Pelan won the first stage of the Inclusion Padel Tour (IPT) which was played in Barcelona. They tell us.

The first 100% female team to register!

Marianne Vandaele : “Lorie asked me to be her partner for the Inclusive circuit Padel Tour on this season, a tournament which has ten stages around the world, and I immediately said yes!

Experiencing an event like this alongside him, which promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities and sharing around padel, it’s something that speaks to me and touches me deeply. 

To participate in this circuit, teams are formed with a player with a physical handicap and a player without one. Lorie was contacted to participate in the circuit and asked me to accompany her. I am truly honored and grateful to her. 

The first stop we could do was in Barcelona, ​​so we jumped at the chance. There were 33 teams registered. First we had 4 group matches (the matches are played in a set of 6 games). We finished first in our group, and then we made it through the eighth, quarter, semi-final and won the final! And we are really happy with this result because the level is really present! People with disabilities in their lower limbs, therefore in wheelchairs, were allowed two bounces, which perfectly balances the level. 

The victory is even more beautiful because we are the first 100% female team to register on the IPT circuit. Being made aware of the padel feminine, I was keen to represent women as best as possible. 

We bring back the cup but not only that. This event is truly rich in sharing and kindness between players. I can’t wait to continue on this circuit with Lorie!”

The victory of sportsmanship and resilience

Lorie Pelan: “In this IPT, inclusion was at the heart of every match. The teams consisted of one disabled player and one able-bodied player, thus providing an equal platform for all participants. Whether with a missing hand, arm or leg, or in a wheelchair, each player demonstrated incredible mental and physical strength.

Despite the challenges, our duo shined. We overcame the four group matches with tenacity and continued to win, triumphing in the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finally, the final. This victory is not just ours, but one of sportsmanship and resilience.

The fact that we are the first women's pair to win a tournament on the IPT is really something very special for us. It is an honor and a privilege to mark the history of this competition in such a significant way.

This experience will remain engraved in our memories as a celebration of inclusion, surpassing oneself and love for sport. We hope our victory will inspire others to pursue their dreams, regardless of the difficulties encountered along the way. 

We’ll see you again with Marianne on the weekend of June 22 in Rome for the next stage!”

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