The transfer window is coming to an end but it is not yet completely over. The proof with the announcement of a new association: Lobo / Orsi.

Associated at the end of last season with Carla Mesa, the new member of the Team Bullpadel Carolina Orsi has set her sights on another Spaniard for 2024: Marina Lobo. For her part, the 20-year-old player, who has had various partners in 2023 (including Teresa Navarro, Lorena Rufo, Sofia Saiz, etc.), will try to settle down and change position on the track!

Indeed, by associating with the left-handed Orsi, Lobo therefore chooses to move to the left. It’s a small novelty but not a complete revolution either since the Team Wilson player has already evolved in this area.

Together, the two women who are respectively in 27th and 34th position in the FIP ranking will try to get closer to the Top 20. Will they be able to achieve this?

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