Since a few weeks signatures follow one another at Varlion and today Mario Del Castillo joins the Madrid-based brand.

The 58th player in the ranking of World Padel Tour therefore joins the Miguel Yanguas, Jon Sanz, Victor Ruiz, Ivan Ramirez or even Iñigo Zaratiegui who already represent the brand.

The one who is now a regular on the main draws of the WPT intends to continue his progress with the objective of passing more and more rounds in the tournaments: “And maybe even play a final, right? (laughs). The boom that the padel has a direct impact on the amount of professionals we see on the slopes. The level is very high from the qualifying phases, but we are confident and we are working hard to fight in all matches.

The 24-year-old was delighted to join such a popular brand as Varlion: “I am very happy to be able to represent Varlion, it is a source of pride and a great responsibility to play in professional tournaments with a brand that has such a history. As soon as I could test the products, I realized that this was where I had to be. In addition, having so many friends in the Pro Team means that there is a very good atmosphere, except on the track where nobody wants to let go!”

The Sevillan will grab this year the very beautiful Maximum Summum Prisma, a magnificent pala with its golden color and full of technology. With its rounded teardrop shape, this racquet offers plenty of control, without giving up power. A flagship model of the brand, available in two versions, summer and winter, to be able to benefit from optimal performance whatever the temperatures!

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