After numerous rumors, we now know what the Top 10 pairs this season for the men. And in the little game of changing pairs, we say to ourselves that Momo Gonzalez is perhaps the big winner of the market.

Chingotto at the top of his game

Firstly, the Andalusian does his return to the left side. If he was not bad at all on the right with Javi Garrido, he is still delighted to find his natural position, and not with just anyone! Indeed, the 13th player in the FIP ranking joins forces with Federico Chingotto, who is in 8th position and therefore ensures him to start the season as seed 5, a few lengths from the coveted fourth place. But in addition to allowing the native of Antequera to move up the hierarchy a little, “Super Raton” will offer him this stability so coveted among professionals.

Indeed, after a half-hearted stage alongside a Sanyo in alternative mode and a not-so-simple passage to the right, Momo finds in Chingotto a real metronome, a first-rate player who was once announced with Ale Galan , current number 2! MVP of the WPT Master Final, Chingotto is at the top of his game and Gonzalez, making clear progress in recent months, will undoubtedly want to take advantage of it.

Who are the winners, who are the losers?

If the three pairs at the top of the table quite logically wanted to continue and the transfer window was ultimately quite calm, we will still be entitled to four new pairs in the Top 10. Gonzalez / Chingotto therefore, but also Navarro / Sanyo, Bela / Capra and Yanguas/Garrido.

On paper, Paquito, who has had an overall strong year, appears to be the loser of these changes. He leaves a Chingotto in top form, as seen previously, to find a Gutiérrez who will celebrate his 40th birthday this season and who experienced major slumps in 2023. But with a lighter schedule, the one who complained a lot of the sequence of tournaments last year could find a new lease of life. So be careful, because if these two extremely talented players manage to tune their violins like in 2016, they could annoy more than one person.


Behind, it's difficult to say, but Bela seems a little lost in this new panorama. The Argentinian leaves a Yanguas in full progress for a Capra which has always been solid for years but fails to climb among the very best. If the left-hander will be able to help his new partner on high balls in the center of the field, and take advantage of his ranking to integrate the Top 6 pairs and his incredible experience, he does not yet know which Fernando he will have at his side. Struggling with his elbow at the end of the season, “Le Boss”, who will celebrate his 45th birthday, seems far from his best years. In these conditions, this association has everything of a bet, for one as for the other. Will he be a winner?

For their part, the young Garrido and Yanguas seem to be on a win-win partnership. Miguel certainly loses the experience of Bela but finds in Javi a very aggressive and decisive athlete, everything that the native of Pehuajo ultimately lacks. For his part, the powerful Cordoba player leaves Momo Gonzalez who had difficulty finding his bearings on the right for a specialist in the position who is making full progress. If the planets align between the two Andalusians, this pair could be the real satisfaction of 2024.

Finally the click for Tello / Ruiz?

Among the pairs who decided to continue the adventure, we say that there are mostly winners. Coello and Tapia showed throughout the start of the season that they are irresistible when they are at their best. THE super kids, accomplices both off and on the pitch formed the most consistent pair of 2023, while Lebron and Galan, after a difficult start, brought everyone into agreement at the end of the year. So here we have three duos who have every reason to bet on continuity and who should be above the fray in 2024. If all goes well, these three pairs should still offer us very good matches this year.

For Coki Nieto and Jon Sanz, we say that the continuity is also quite logical. If Sanz would obviously have liked to be able to team up with Galan, the Navarrese will have to wait because Ale remains loyal to Lebron for the moment. As it stands, Jon appears to have been right to continue with Nieto, with both men having caused problems for every pairing this year. With a little more maturity, they could also get closer to the famous Top 4.


Bergamini and Ruiz, although very solid together, are not very strong individuals and we imagine that the offers for these two players did not flow in. It therefore also seems very logical for them to focus on continuity, especially since they will start a season in the Top 8 for the first time.

Finally, for Ruiz and Tello it’s a bit of an unknown. If the two men have exceptional offensive potential and could do wonders together, they are struggling to find the right recipe. With a pre-season that we imagine will be busy, will Rodri Ovide manage to find the key for this pair?

After reviewing the world's top ten pairs, it's time for us to ask your opinion: what do you think the Top 10 will be in a year?

The current Top 10 pairs

As a reminder, the Top 10 to start 2024:

  1. Lebron / Galan – 22 points
  2. Coello / Tapia – 20 points
  3. Di Nenno / Stupaczuk – 18 points
  4. Navarro/Gutierrez – 12 points
  5. Gonzalez/Chingotto – 11 points
  6. Belasteguin / Capra – 10 points
  7. Tello / Ruiz – 8 points
  8. Bergamini/Ruiz – 5 points
  9. Nieto/Sanz – 5 points
  10. Garrido / Yanguas – 5 points

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