In padel, having preferences as to the position where you want to play on the court is legitimate, because it is difficult to master in particular the defense on both sides. Should we be confined to one side?

Indeed, no one is safe from playing with a left-hander one day? mixed? to have to change sides during the match? to play with a partner who plays on the same side? ...

In this context, it is necessary to succeed in having a level of play, which may certainly not be identical to its preferred side, but which must all the same make it possible to approach the matches calmly when playing on the opposite side.

There is no miracle for that! You have to train on both sides!

And above all, think again by training on the opposite side, you will develop more technical, tactical and mental aspects than you think:

  • Understand the issues specific to one side and be more attentive to your teammate

  • Better position and move around the court

  • Improve his technique (for example a right-handed player, right-handed player who must return after the glass the opponent's service will better understand the interest of having to reduce his backhand preparation in order to better direct his ball)

  • Create opportunities to play with a larger variety of players

  • Vary your game more

  • Communicate in a more relevant way

  • Have a more in-depth view of the game

And many other aspects… So let's accept and learn to play from both sides, setting our own objectives according to the games played (level of partners and opponents in particular) to take pleasure in performing on the left as well as on the right!

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