After having commented on the Bela / Sanyo union, or even analyzed the new season of Lebron / Galan, Seba Nerone analysis for the World Padel Tour the new pair formed by Javi Rico et Momo González.

“They will offer us surprises”

"As much Javi Rico that Momo González, both are Power. Javi never stop on the court! momo has the same characteristics. It will be similar to what gave Coki Nieto to Javi, but with a little more power. ”

“It's a combination that will annoy more than one pair, and that will offer us many surprises.”

momo gonzalez
                                                                       Jeronimo “Momo” Gonzalez

Strengths and weaknesses

"Their strong point will be theirs electric side in the field. This is what will allow them to win games. ”

"Their weakness on the other hand, that they will have to work is that they have not much power to finish the points. Javi is a player who works a lot on exchanges, and momo too. It will be interesting to see them with fast playing conditions that make the exchanges shorter. I want to see how they handle these situations so that they have a better chance of winning. ”

Javi Rico
                                                                                     Javi Rico

“A good start is fundamental”

“It will be difficult to reach the Final Master, but for me it's a pair that can do it. ”

“It will all depend on how they start the season. The beginning is very important because it can give confidence. ”

“In 2020, those who started very well were Lima and Navarro. Navarro even said “playing with Lima is stealing the match”, it worked so well. But afterwards, confinement arrived, and this pair did not manage to find the best sensations. This is why I am talking about starting well, to gain confidence and then reach the Final Master. "


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