Since 2016, when the company was founded, NGTV has always been keen to co-build its strategy with its customers and players. With today, nearly 250 references, more than 700 connected fields with massive and proven use in several sportsAll in 13 different countries, the company has become a real reference in the field of video technologies dedicated to sports! It is thanks to these figures that NGTV can finally initiate major changes to strengthen its commitment to its customers and continue its development.

A new name, but not only that…

We told you about it at the beginning of July, NGTV changes its name and becomes…SPASH! This is the sound made by the last winning shot, the last strike, the last check between teammates. It's fun and it's sporty! A funnier font and more colors fresh, it gives a brand that expresses itself, that makes noise and that doesn't go unnoticed!

This name change is accompanied by a total overhaul of the company's image, an image more in line with its strategy and its great ambitions.

But this is not the only change, here is an overview of the six subjects which will be the subject of a specific article:

1. Acceleration of the sponsorship model: in addition to new products, SPASH intends to adopt a new economic model centered on sponsorship. The objective will be to help its customers even more by offering them visibility locations dedicated to their sponsors and those of the company (field interfaces, mobile application, video logos), all without impacting the players. We will return to this subject in more detail in the coming weeks.

2. Industrialization and self-installation: the new customer self-installable product will soon see the light of day with a release planned for the end of the year. More information to come very soon.

3. Product success: with the success of the Double Glass, almost 80 connected sites ordered and record utilization rates (2,5 times more sessions than with the old ranges), SPASH has confirmed its ability to create massive use in several sports. This will also be the subject of a specific article.

4. External growth: SPASH is currently in the middle of an audit phase with several companies, with the aim of expanding their activities on 3 new functional bits by 2024.

5. Increase in requirements: the name change will be an opportunity to launch a new dynamic. A new impetus which will allow them to work on new services, ever more ambitious, all in maintaining quality offered to customers and players. 

6. HR structuring: with the arrival of a sales manager, as well as 3 area managers (Italy, Spain, Gulf Countries & UK), SPASH confirms its desire to gain market share internationally. The objective remains unchanged: become European leader by 2025.

A new era is beginning for SPASH, with overflowing ambitions in France and internationally, so stay tuned!

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