ZeroS is the first sandless padel carpet and once again testifies the commitment of the Italian company to keep innovating the padel court industry.

Those who are already familiar with NXPadel are well aware of its ongoing commitment to innovating the padel court industry through unprecedented ideas and products that unquestionably stand out from the rest and that have made it the true game changer in this industry.

We have seen it with the Fiberglassstructure, the flagship of the Italian company, patented internationally and able to emerge as the only one, at the moment, antagonist to iron or aluminum structures thanks to its countless advantages for all the stakeholders gravitating around the sport.

We have seen this with ComfortGlass, the special acrylic compound with which NXPadel has revolutionized walls, making them 100 percent safe and completely indestructible for the first time.

nxpadel 2

Could there have been a lack of innovation involving the third major component of a padel court? Could there have been a lack of a new mat idea to replace traditional synthetic turf and provide additional benefits and a new way of understanding this fundamental component of the padel court?

Of course not, and once again NXPadel has not disappointed expectations by managing to bring to the market something never seen before.

As can already be inferred from their announcements on social media, on which there is no shortage of daily updates about their products through photos, videos, and other engaging content, the Italian company launched a few weeks ago a one-of-a-kind, next-gen padel mat par excellence.

It is called ZeroS and it is precisely from its name that we can understand its most peculiar feature: ZeroS stands for Zero Sand, highlighting the fact that, unlike traditional synthetic turf, this special mat requires Zero pounds of Sand.

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But how did NXPadel manage to design this new product and ensure maximum performance while still not using sand, an element that until now has always been present in any padel court?

The synthetic turf we are used to seeing requires the use of sand as infill and is essential to ensure proper ball bounce and greater stability of the mat.

The monofilaments that make ZeroS' carpet, however, while also being textured, an aspect that ensures proper ball bounce as well as perfect grip, are lower but at the same time much denser than traditional synthetic turf and, for this reason, sand as infill is not required.

As always, all of NXPadel's revolutionary ideas are not an end in themselves but lead in one direction: to provide tangible benefits to anyone who interfaces with their courts, whether players, installers, maintainers, or club managers, and again, the benefits that ZeroS can provide are many.

One of the first aspects to be taken into account lies in the fact that considering that to clog an entire padel court with sand requires from 40 to 5 kilograms of sand depending on whether the filament is fibrillated or textured, it is easy to deduce that with ZeroS there is a significant saving in terms of load weight and therefore installation and transport will undoubtedly be optimized.

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In addition, on traditional synthetic turf, friction between shoe soles and sand tends to wear down the surface of the padel court faster, attesting to its average lifespan of about 3 years. Thanks to ZeroS, this dynamic does not come into play and will increase the life of your padel mat by about 40 percent ( based on average court use in a club), with a warranty of more than 5 years.

Since the eye also wants its share, it is important to add that the absence of sand undoubtedly increases the aesthetics of the court, making its surface shiny and uniform and giving the club an even more modern and clean feel from the first moment. In short, it will be love at first sight!

Of course, that's not all: to maximize the effectiveness of ZeroS even more NXPadel has focused not simply on sand removal but also on how the carpet is installed. ZeroS is completely glued to the ground and this prevents not only the formation of bubbles or wrinkles that can cause the ball to bounce poorly but also that the mat shrinks due to temperature changes ensuring that this product performs the same over time.

Even before its official launch, NXPadel's sales area had already announced to its customers the imminent launch of this novelty, and just in the last few days the first orders of ZeroS have started in the direction of France and, in the Milan area, it has already been installed on 3 existing padel courts and, daily there is no lack of inquiries regarding this incredible innovation. And, indeed, no wonder.

ZeroS, in fact, represents yet another tangible sign that through constant study, research and a development mindset, even what seems unthinkable and sometimes already perfectly functional can be revolutionized, changed and improved even more. Because for NXPadel, there is always room for innovation and new projects. To keep up with the times of a sport that being, constantly evolving, is always hungry for new and brilliant ideas.