Fernando Belasteguin has long repeated that he wants to continue his career until he is 45. The time has almost come…

After his former teammates Juan Martin Diaz and Pablo Lima, who both retired at the end of the 2023 season, it is soon the “Boss”’s turn to leave the tournaments. padel professional!

The one who spent sixteen years at the top of the padel global has just confirmed it via an official announcement on its Instagram account: 2024 its last year.

For those who hoped that Bela would be able to play overtime despite everything, this seems very compromised. Hampered by forearm problems, and sometimes overwhelmed against players who go faster and hit harder, the native of Pehuajo is, and this is completely normal at his age, much less prolific than during his best years. Despite everything, he wants to continue to fight and be competitive for one more season, before bowing out. His news association with Lucho Capra will it allow him to experience some successes?

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