We strongly expected it : Jessica Castello and Claudia Jensen decided to get back together this season. The two young players, who started 2023 together, and experienced excellent results, will therefore be on the same side of the track again in 2024.

After surprising their world at the start of last season, Jensen and Castello unexpectedly decided to separate. Obviously, the prospect of joining forces with a more experienced player, in this case Veronica Virseda, had appealed to the young Argentine international. But after a rather successful stage with the Spaniard, Claudia decided to return with Jessica, who experienced some difficulties on the right with Araujo before finding her natural side and resuming her march forward with Osoro.

The two players who are now equipped by the same brand (Bullpadel) and who played their first Master Final this year, therefore choose to start a new stage together, as they announced on Instagram.

It is with a brand new status that these players who are respectively 9th and 13th in the FIP ranking will begin their 2.0 stage. Those who will start as the sixth pair in the world will certainly aim to get closer to the Top 4, or even to do a little better if they quickly regain their automatisms and continue their progress!

We now know the first seven pairs of 2024, it remains to be seen with whom Victoria Iglesias and Claudia Fernandez will continue their respective careers!

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