In danger since the passage of storm Otis, Premier Padel Mexico Major is officially canceled. The FIP removed the tournament from its calendar.

Hard blow for Premier Padel, after Giza P1, postponed due to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, now it is the Mexico Major, which was to take place from November 27 to December 3 in Acapulco, which must be canceled. The reason: Storm Otis, which caused heavy human and material damage in the seaside resort.

As explained in the official press release, the circuit will try to postpone the competition to a later date, but nothing is certain obviously given the situation.

For the moment there is only one tournament left Premier Padel planned for 2023: the Milano P1, which is to take place from December 4 to 10. Will the QSI-funded circuit be able to offer another tournament this year? Response in the coming days!

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