For the moment still no announcement on social networks from either of the two men, but the information is now official: Momo Gonzalez and Juan LeBron are registered together in Premier Padel Puerto Cabello P2.

Since Fede Chingotto and Ale Galan have decided to join forces, their now former teammates will do the same during the Venezuelan P2. But for the moment it is difficult to know if this association will continue after this competition. Indeed, most of the Top 10 pairs were already registered for this tournament, so it is entirely possible that Momo and Juan decided to participate in this tournament together “by default”.

We will therefore wait until the official announcements to find out if Lebron and Gonzalez are embarking on a new project together or if we must wait for new changes.

On paper, this pair, although less attractive than the Chingotto / Galan association, still has some advantages up its sleeve. Alongside a taciturn like Momo, “El Lobo” to completely let go and regain his level before 2023. Indeed, before experiencing health problems, the player of the Team Babolat was simply the best in the right diagonal, and his ability to finish points with a smash from the back of the court was feared by all.

This decisive side, the native of Cádiz will have to rediscover it completely if he wants to play the very leading roles with Gonzalez, a very physical and complete left player but who is undeniably less decisive than Galan, Tapia or Garrido... So, what think of this 100% Andalusian pair? It’s up to you to tell us!

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