Like every year from now on, the first tournament of padel-armchair of the season took place at Billy-Berclau.

The second edition of this event was a real success: a warm welcome, fantastic slopes, and a very pleasant indoor club. The referee, Romain, welcomed ten teams, divided into two groups of five.

The competition began on Monday February 19 at 9:30 a.m., on 3 tracks. We were able to notice everyone's progress and the arrival of very good players on the circuit, notably the young Maxime Cabanne from the Basque Country and Thomas Giardino from Hyères in the Var. Welcome to the Padel armchair !

The first day concluded with four matches played by all players.

The top four teams met in the final four on Tuesday morning.

The first semi-final pitted Robin and Laurent against Sébastien and Tony. Robin and Laurent emerged victorious with a score of 6/2 6/4.

The second semi-final pitted Dorian and Nicolas against Laurent and Olivier. Dorian and Nicolas won with a score of 6/1 6/0.

Also worth mentioning are all the ranking matches that took place throughout the day on Tuesday.

The final took place at 14:30 p.m., pitting Robin/Laurent against Dorian/Nicolas. Robin and Laurent won their first tournament of the season with a score of 6/1 6/4. We witnessed some very good matches, of a very high level, in the semi-final and final.

Note that this was the first time that Robin and Laurent played together. There will obviously be a sequel, because they plan to play together during the P250 in Tarbes in October 2024.

The final ranking: