As we told you previously, a very big women's P1000 was held this weekend in Reunion, at the Union sportif de la Pointe des Galets (USPG).

It was the very first women's P1000 on the island, and the least we can say is that it was a success with smiles, good humor, and girls who felt involved and invested in the cause of the fight against breast cancer.

The public was able to witness great semi-finals pitting Betty Dautriat / Flore Poupart against Marie Boura / Céline Authenac and Elisa Guiraud / Anna Blue Houareau against Jennifer Deguine / Élodie Naegellen.

The final, which saw the pair Guiraud/Houareau and Poupart/Dautriat oppose each other, unfortunately could not go to the end, Anna Blue Houareau, out with a sprain, having to abandon.

The best moment of this tournament was the reproduction of the logo on the field of padel and color throwing. All the girls want the event to be repeated next year.

The club, for its part, would like to warmly thank the Ligue Réunion Mayotte de Tennis for its support.

Find the final ranking below:

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