Particular scene at P1500 4Padel Créteil by PadelAvenue during the opponent meeting Kimy Barla et Lorie Pelan à Deborah Alquier et Laura Buteau.

This second 8th match is very close between the 6th seed, Buteau/Alquier, and the outsiders Barla/Pelan. The latter won the first set 7/5, before the comeback favorites who inflict on them a 6/2 in the second act.

Finally, in the decisive round, Kimy and Lorie take the advantage and serve for the match at 5/3. 40/15 on the scoreboard, Lorie serves and the point goes. Suddenly, her teammate sits on the ground, probably affected by a cramp. Déborah Alquier stops the point almost immediately.

Only problem : even if Déborah's gesture is very fair also costs her the match because she's not supposed to stop the point. Obviously, Déborah and Laura cannot believe it and a long discussion begins with the referee. We even see Laura Buteau, disappointed, sitting on the bench, crying.

After ten minutes of discussion, the match finally resumes where it left off…at 40/15, two match points.

If the Barla/Pelan pair loses the first point, therefore bringing their opponents to 40/30, they win the match on the next point. A new heated exchange takes place between the two teams at the time of shaking hands.

However, the match is over and the 6 seed is down. Victory therefore for Lorie Pelan and Kimy Barla, 7/5 2/6 6/3.

Editor's note : Some details were provided by Lorie Pelan and Kimy Barla.

Indeed, Kimy Barla cramps on match point and finds himself unable to continue playing the point. Lorie Pelan, his partner, tries to keep the game active by shouting “play, play, play!” », but Laura Buteau wants to stop the point when she sees Barla on the ground.

The referee quickly intervened to confirm that, according to the rules, this meant game, set and match in their favor. (for Barla / Pelan)

Finally, Barla and Pelan make an honorable choice by offering to replay the point and conclude the match on a more positive note.

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