The highly anticipated P2000 – Greenweez FFT Padel Tour is about to take place at 4Padel Strasbourg, a major event scheduled for November 17-19.

It will also be the last P2000 of the year.

Registrations closed

Registrations closed yesterday evening at 23:59 p.m., in accordance with the established regulations.

The organizers have revealed the composition of the teams for this tournament:

  • 18 teams were admitted directly into the final table.
  • 14 teams were admitted to qualification.
  • Several teams are on the waiting list.

It should be noted that this list will be enriched by the addition of four additional Wild Cards (WC). Two WCs will be allocated for the final draw, granted by the French Tennis Federation (FFT), while the other two will be dedicated to qualifications, one being allocated by the host club and the other by the FFT.

The schedules:

  • Qualifications start Friday at 13 p.m. with the first rotation for the ladies followed by the men
  • Saturday, start of the main draw at 9:15 a.m.
  • The ladies' final is scheduled for 14 p.m. and the men's

Finally, the final list will be communicated at the beginning of next week.

The top 3 pairs present

Among the ladies, we will find a new pair as seeded 1 of the tournament, Elode Invernon and Lucile Pothier, Jessica Ginier not being able to be present for this last P2000 of the year.

Marie-Amélie Dardaine and Charlotte Soubrié will be seeded 2 in the event followed by Fiona Ligi and TIffany Phaysouphanh.

Marie Lefevre / Mélanie Ros and Alexise Duchene / Charline Tonda will be in ambush.

On the men's side, we will also find an “almost” new pair, Adrien Maigret and Johan Bergeron, an association which worked very well last year at PadelShot Saint Etienne. We then find Authier / Vincent, finalist of the last P1500 in Esprit Padel and Rouanet / Sanchez, keen to achieve a good result in Strasbourg.

We will also find the winners of the Open Esprit Padel by UFF, Maxime Joris and Philémon Raichman, who will try to renew their very good performance.

We will also find another new association: Thomas Mitjana associated with one of the dinosaurs of the padel French, Jérémy Ritz (Pair 18).

Hanouna associated with Joseda Sanchez

And, once again, one of the pairs that will certainly attract attention at 4Padel Strasbourg, it's Cyril Hanouna (n°86th in the FFT ranking) who will be associated this time with José David Sanchez Serrano alias Joseda Sanchez, Spanish player ranked 67th in the ranking of World Padel Tour. The latter had also achieved a feat by winning a record and not the least.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.