Padel 95 is proud to announce the opening of its brand new center padel, a space dedicated to amateurs and professionals alike.

The center, located in the Val-d'Oise department, has 7 covered tracks, offering heights ranging from 8 to 11 meters, and extends over a 350m² clubhouse. Visitors will be able to eat and enjoy the broadcast of various sporting events thanks to the “sports bar". The Pro shop de Padel 95 will allow everyone to acquire everything necessary for the practice of padel, including balls, rackets, bags, shoes, and more.

The teaching team is ready to teach the padel to all, whether it is in progress individual ou collective, riding a day or evening, as well as during Internship specific.

Padel 95 also engages in competition, with the organization of many tournaments de all levels and interclub meetings. Businesses are welcome for initiations to team building competitions, which can be followed by cocktails for the award ceremony.

Centre Padel 95 Val d’Oise

History Padel 95

The project was born from the collaboration between Charles Viard, specialist in racket sports for over 25 years with the company Ecosport (tennis, padel, and running), and Christophe Ruscassier, co-founder of the Le ComptoirItalien Mama Mia chain (9 restaurants) and passionate tennis and tennis player padel. Their common vision led to the unification of their initial projects to result in the creation of Padel 95, With the support from Alp Suda, experienced manager in the field of sports halls.

Opening and inauguration

The inauguration will take place the day before, Friday April 12, in the presence of numerous local personalities (mayors, deputies, presidents of associations), professional players of padel, football stars and media representatives, including France 3 region, various local newspapers and Padel Magazine.