With this confinement, it has been a while since you last saw a padel. So that you do not forget everything, we come back to all the dimensions related to padel.

  • Field

A land of padel have 20m long by 10 meters wide, the famous “veinte por diez”, dear to Spanish speakers, or the Twenty By Ten, for English speakers (and Michaël Kuzaj 😉 ). So what makes a track have a 200m² area (we know you can count but we just wanted to clarify). The service line is located at 6,95 meters from the net, and it exceeds by 20cm the intersection with the central line. The thickness of the lines is 5cm.

The net must do 10 meters long. 88 centimeters high at its center, and up to 92 centimeters high at the sides with a tolerance of 0,5%. The posts which hold it must not exceed 1,05 meters. The diameter of the cable stretching the net must not exceed 1cm and its clamping mechanism must not constitute a risk for users. The strip of the net must measure between 5cm and 6,3cm. It can be covered with a additional advertising tape not exceeding 9cm.

La height of back walls or panes must be 3 meters, and this surface is surmounted by a grid one meter high. On the sides two possibilities: 4 meters high all along, or 4 meters at the ends and 3 meters in the center. There is also a possibility of extending the wall on the sides, as on the WPT, in order to avoid smashes which touch the glass of the bottom then the grid on the side.



Concerning roof of padels indoor, for the FIP the minimum height must be 6 meters over the entire surface. Without any element (i.e. spotlights) that obstructs this area. With regard to new installations, it is recommended that the minimum free height be 8 meters over the entire surface of the land, with no obstructions in this area. The FFT claims a height of 7 meters.

Finally the doors, two possibilities there too: either a side access with a minimum width of 1,05 meters and a maximum of 2 meters, i.e. two accesses per side a minimum of 72 cm each, and a maximum of 1 meter each. In terms of height, it is the same whatever the access chosen: between 2 meters and 2,20 meters.

  • Racket

- The some : maximum length: 20 cm, maximum width (of the heart, without taking into account the free space): 50mm, maximum thickness: 50mm.

- The head : its length is variable. On the other hand, the sum of the length of the head and length of the handle cannot exceed 45,5 cm. The width cannot exceed 26cm and the thickness 38mm, with a tolerance of 2,5% in the event of an inspection.

- The racket striking surface : it is perforated with an unlimited number of cylindrical holes measuring between 9 and 13 mm in diameter in the central area of ​​the racket. In a peripheral area of ​​maximum 4 cm measured from the outside edge of the racket, it is allowed that the holes have a larger diameter or a different shape - whose length and width vary - provided that this does not affect the essence of the game. It should be flat and can be smooth or rough.

- The strap : it is compulsory and must absolutely be non-elastic and with a maximum length of 35 cm. It must be attached to the handle and wrapped around the wrist to protect against any accident. Its use is compulsory.

- The racket cannot be equipped with objects or devices other than those specially used for limit or prevent any deterioration, vibration and aimed at distributing the weight of the racket. If necessary, these objects must be reasonable as to their size and positioning on the racket.

- The racket cannot cause confusion or disturb all other players. She cannot have a reflective surface or contain sound elements which could in any way modify the normal course of the game.

- The racket cannot be equipped withvisible or audible elements intended to communicate, warn or give instructions to the other player during the game.


If you want to read all the rules of the FIP: RIGHT HERE.


Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.