Padel shot, a brand new center in Mondeville, near Caen, which offers both padel and badminton, is organizing a brunch this Sunday, which may bring others!

It starts this Sunday 18 October. The concept is based on conviviality: a breakfast coffee and pastries to wake up well, padel from 11 a.m. to 13 p.m., with the “family tournament”, open to adults and children, followed by a sweet / savory brunch based on local products !

In short, two hours of padel tennis, pleasure for the taste buds, and conviviality! If successful, the club would even like to offer this type of entertainment recurrently, with different themes.

Prices: 25 € adults, 15 € children.

Limited places, compulsory registrations at: 07 68 14 85 69

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