How many of us still neglect service? It is true that when we start the padel above all, we want to reproduce the shots of our favorite players such as par 3, volleys that die in corners, winning window exits…

During our first lessons with a coach, we often want to work on moves that make us happy, such as bandeja or vibora. Which is very good, because they are part of the basics for every player.

However, many practitioners shun the serve and still fail to see how it can be an effective weapon to challenge their opponents from the first ball.

Remember that the padel is a sport which requires technique, strategy but also patience.
The first goal and especially when one is on a beginner or intermediate level, it is to push the adversary to the fault. By absolutely wanting to finish the point by hitting hard, there is a good chance that we will make the mistake ourselves and thus lose the point.

Padel Stuff, academy of padel based in Madrid, Benidorm and the Basque Country, reviews the service on his page Instagram.

Service, a formidable weapon

The question we can ask ourselves is: why is service so shunned during lessons? Why is it not natural to make a few series of commitments during our training?

Yet it is the blow that comes back all the time in the game.

Of course it is a gesture that does not require a lot of technique at first glance compared to tennis where the service requires much more precision and power. However, when a player from padel begins to improve his level of play and to know the basics of good serve, he can quickly gain a significant advantage in a match.

Service Léa Godallier WPT 2021 Barcelona Master

As explained to us Inaki Loredo, founder and coach at Padel Stuff, “Service and feedback are the basis for building a point at padel".


Because a well done serve puts the rival in difficulty from the start and leaves him little choice to make his return. He will therefore put the ball back as he can, which will allow the pair who engage to consolidate their position at the net and gain the advantage in the point.
Even better, it is possible, if the throw-off ball has been sent in a very efficient manner, that the returner fails to put it back into the field, which will give you a “free point”.
Remember that when you serve, you have an advantage at the start of each point, that's why you have to maximize your chances during the serve.

Iñaki's advice for good service

service padel stuff

The founder of Padel Stuff, Inaki Loredo, gives us all his experience and gives us advice on service.

Step by step, he dissects the gestures and movements to adopt.

  1. Orient your body in the direction in which you want to send the ball. feel free to vary directions
  2. Should we bounce the ball or drop it? No matter. However, tell yourself that if you drop her you will have more control during the rebound and you will have more control over your movement which will become automatic. If you bounce the ball with more or less force it could affect your movement and throw you off balance.
  3. You should impact the ball as high as possible without exceeding the height of the belt while giving it a cut effect to complicate the task for the receiver. If you are advanced players, you will also be able to serve with a topspin effect, but this is not very usual.
  4. Take advantage of your body weight to go seek depth. That is, you have to use your leg to step forward as you serve to give yourself extra momentum and thus get into the spin more quickly.
    This will also allow you to have more control over the movement and to make less physical effort.

That's it you know everything, now place the application!


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