We will be entitled to a decisive match between the Tennis Club of Palavas and Casa Padel, whileAdria Mercadal et Ruben Riviera won their match against Thomas Leygue et Mario Huete !

It's a final before its time between the two big favorites of these interclubs. After a first match under high tension, won by Casa Padel, Palavas had to equalize to keep hopes of the final alive. With this in mind, the Mercadal/Riviera pair absolutely had to win this meeting.

A very hooked first set

The ambitions of the southern players were clear and they pulled out all the stops on the pitch. However, despite numerous break opportunities, Palavas players cannot do so. ..

It is at the 11e attempt that Mercadal and Riviera take the break. The hardest part, the players relax, wrongly. Thomas Leygue et Mario Huete return to the score.

Despite everything, Leygue and Huete were broken a second time, at the worst time: 6/5 for Riviera/Mercadal. This time, the pair of Palavas do not miss their chance and wins the first set of this match.

An undecided second set

The second set is like the first: totally undecided. No one can say who will win. Mario Huete shows his power but often comes up against Adria Mercadal, who is spectacular in defense.

A new time, the advantage is for Palavas who makes the first break of this meeting. But like in the first set, as if the players didn't want it to end, Mario Huete and Thomas Leygue came back to score: 4/4.

Both sets could only end the same way. A new time, Adria Mercadal and Ruben Riviera take the break. And as in the first set, as if this match could not have another ending, the Riviera/Mercadal pair won: 7 / 5 7 / 5.


Do not miss the last meeting of this meeting between Casa Padel and the Palavas Tennis Club. The meeting between Semmler/Zapata and Andornino/Ayats is to follow on Padel MagTV :

Gwenaelle Souyri

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