Paquito Navarro and Fede Chingotto had an interesting season together, in which they established themselves as the fourth pair in the padel global. A year finished beautifully by a title – the only one of the pair – at the WPT Master Final.

Despite this, the two men will not continue together. Expected to join Sanyo Gutiérrez in 2024, Paquito explains to our colleagues Brand that “Chingotto needs a more decisive player than me, especially on high balls”, and that he also needs “a more decisive player”.

If the two men do well together, and they have a lot of respect for each other, they are aware that they will be able to more easily play leading roles with more complementary players. His new teammate is “someone who has a more offensive profile, who will help me gain points”, and together the two men have ambition “I want us to be more competitive and that we hold on to the first three pairs, and if we succeed, it will be very good.”

The Andalusian, who explains that he is happy to be able to rest after a very long year, is already looking forward to 2024 starting: “I am extremely motivated and if the injuries leave us alone and we work well, we will be able to beat n' anyone". This is promising!

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