The question regarding this Premier Padel à Puerto Cabello in Venezuela it is not so much who won, but rather who participated!

An avalanche of withdrawals fell on the tournament, apparently due to a nasty stomach flu, among other reasons! All this, combined with the stifling heat, constituted the perfect ingredients to compete in this 3rd stage of the circuit. Premier Padel !

We're not going to lie, this tournament is not the greatest success of the circuit Premier Padel, but as the saying goes: practice makes you a blacksmith! The forge should not become too big either, because this tournament will not leave a lasting memory for aficionados of the best padel to the world and, for having had a few players in contact, even less to the players.

As usual, “Coach Zorrus” offers us his analysis of the tournament.

Point of the tournament:

I found something for you, but it's going to take our friends to conjure some magic! Gentlemen and ladies, we're going to have to rub the palas a little more so that we start dreaming again! And yes, we are greedy!

The red card

I think it is best to address it to the organization of this Premier Padel : reception by the police at the airport for players' transits (it sets the mood!), stifling temperature, viruses, refereeing... In short, you will have understood, not sure that we will see each other again this year next in Venezuela.
But we could also send one to Pablo Lijo: perhaps he believed that Venezuelan fish eat palas?!


So, I will tell you that for my taste, there have been so many that the list would be too long, even if for some, we have been finding them in this section for some time: my “master” Bela ( that's it, he goes to the right with Tello), my "darling" Martita Ortega who can't make it, and the others who I'm going to leave alone... for this time!


  1. Brea / Gonzalez: They win their first trophy of the season!
  2. Nieto / Sanz: a semi-final and a set lost in the tie-break against Coello / Tapia.
  3. The expected pair “Chingalan” did the job by reaching the final for their first association.
  4. Ayats / Guerrero, who we are not used to seeing in the quarter-finals.
  5. Carla Touly who takes a turn in the main draw: come on!

The finals FILM

For the ladies, it was a somewhat “sad” final that we were able to witness. No madness or spectacular points for a final that was still relatively well mastered by the Brea / Gonzalez pair. Remember that the “Reina” is still in place and that we will have to count on her this year: I was obviously talking about Alejandra Salazar! For the men, the finals follow one another and are similar “within one set” for the two extra-terrestrials Coello / Tapia! Despite the virus which also affected them, they managed to win their 3rd title of the season in a serious final (where they lost a set) but without much brilliance from both teams! I think they must have been eager to get home...

Little 3-week break and we'll meet up with our Belgian friends and more precisely for the P2 in Brussels!

Laurent Imbert

Laurent Imbert, alias Coach Zorrus, is a true French legend of the Padel. From its beginnings in the 90s, it has known everything about the evolution of Padel in France and around the world! A true connoisseur, known and recognized by his peers in France and abroad, he will share his expertise with us at each stage of Premier Padel !