After exploring the Veron range, designed for offensive players looking for an accessible racket, let's dive today into the world of the Viper, which for several years has been the spearhead of Babolat. 

Over the seasons, this range has firmly established itself as the symbol of excellence, injecting a dose of power and excitement into the game of the most demanding attackers.

The name “Viper” for a racket padel is not chosen at random.

It instantly brings to mind the image of the venomous snake, a creature that is both captivating and feared for its strength and dangerousness. This duality is reflected in the racket itself, capable of fast and precise shots capable of surprising and destabilizing opponents.

The choice of the name “Viper” is literally translated vibora in Spanish, an impressive and very technical shot characterized by a pronounced side spin.

Often used to keep opponents on defense and delay so as not to lose the net, the winding and unpredictable trajectory of the ball hit with a vibora inevitably recalls the movement of a viper on the hunt.

Let's discover together the secrets of this formidable collection, which magnifies thrills and propels your game to new heights.

The test Babolat TECHNICAL

This pala stands out as one of the most emblematic references of the range Babolat, notably thanks to Juan LeBron, iconic player of the French brand.

It was designed for advanced to expert offensive athletes looking to finish points with force and authority whenever they get the chance. It is a racket particularly appreciated by left-handed players (or right-handed players if they are left-handed) for its exceptional punch at all levels.
Thanks to her lead weight and attack-oriented characteristics, she particularly shines in aerial exchanges and decisive smashes.

Its rigidity guarantees masterful precision, its high balance allows powerful and incisive strikes, and its stability on the fly is remarkable.

However, comfort is sacrificed, the sweet spot is reduced, and centering errors are unforgivable.
From a defensive point of view, the ability to return the ball efficiently is complex, as it requires complete technical mastery.

Indeed, maneuverability and ball release quality are not necessarily guaranteed for most players. Once tamed, this racket transforms into a formidable scoring machine, but it remains exclusive and requires years of practice. padel to grasp all the subtleties.

The test Babolat AIR

As with the Veron range, the Air series focuses on lightness and maneuverability. Playing with this racket is a real pleasure and the swing speed it provides never ceases to amaze.
The teardrop shape, significantly reduced weight and lower balance differentiate it from the Technical series.

It can suit both right-wing players looking for a good dose of power and aggressive left-wing players who prioritize maneuverability without sacrificing offensive efficiency.
We also note the introduction of a 16 K coating on its surfaces.

Stiffer than the 12 K and still equipped with the X-Eva core, its characteristics suggest optimal raw power.

However, in a game situation, it's completely different. The racket, although very powerful, is significantly less sharp than the Technical.

This is due to reduced weight and a downwardly readjusted head balance, which, of course, improves handling, but considerably reduces the offensive potential which should have been optimal on paper.
On the other hand, during defensive phases, handling balls at ground level is particularly pleasant.

The ease it offers is therefore highly advantageous in such circumstances, allowing most players to overcome complex situations with ease.

The AIR Viper is one of the most popular rackets on the French circuit, and the players who selected it made a wise choice: they preferred to sacrifice 10% of power (compared to the Technical Viper) to win 20% maneuverability.

The test Babolat COUNTER

These references, with their atypical form, are real architectural UFOs in the landscape of padel contemporary. If their unique design attracts attention, it is not their only asset. The Viper version, with its oversized round format, stands out for its formidable power. Less punchy than the Technical, it nevertheless outperforms the Air.

Equipped with even different technical characteristics, with the integration of a 3 K carbon coating, the Counter offers offensive attributes that too few players have dared to explore.

Its remarkable stability and divine sweet spot make it a real asset for players looking for muscular play.

For my part, this racket allowed me to gain confidence in aggressive play and I was pleasantly surprised, even amazed, by its overall performance.

If the Counter is slightly less efficient in defense than an Air, Babolat nevertheless found the magic recipe with this racket. It thus meets the expectations of all players looking for a formidable, comfortable and tolerant offensive weapon. The Spanish player Coki Nieto is well aware of this and after reviewing the entire collection, recently opted for the Counter, a decision that hardly surprises me.

This racket allows him to remain very offensive without having to choose the AIR, which is not impactful enough for a professional player with a very robust profile, nor the Technical, which is perhaps a little too demanding compared to the old model that he used on fire World Padel Tour.

Virginia Riera, a right-wing player playing on the new circuit Premier Padel, also opted for this racket which perfectly matches his style of play focused on precision and patience, while having this beneficial dose of power during offensive phases.

I strongly recommend that hesitant people turn to this model, which, despite its lack of notoriety among the general public, proves to be extremely effective.


Babolat maintains its philosophy of consistency by offering models that are based on proven manufacturing and a variety of palas with carefully designed characteristics to meet the expectations of as many people as possible.

The embroidered, padded and removable wrist strap is an essential element on all these models, as is the extra-long 14 cm handle which, once tried, makes it difficult to return to classic standards. 

The Veron range is intended to be versatile and adapts perfectly to winter conditions thanks to its resistance to low temperatures. The Viper series is aimed more at experienced players and reveals its full offensive potential on sunny days.

An aspiring player looking for an easy to handle, forgiving and comfortable racquet will prefer a teardrop shape in its most flexible version, like the Air Veron. An experienced player who favors powerful shots will opt for a diamond shape in its most elite version, such as the Technical Viper.

A versatile player seeking a balance between power and comfort will choose a round or diamond shape, in its rigid or flexible version, such as the Counter Viper or the Technical Veron. It is therefore important to know yourself well and understand the technical jargon that I strive to popularize for each file, in order to allow you to make your next purchases with complete confidence.


A racket that is too heavy can lead to rapid fatigue and risk of injury, while a racket that is too light can compromise power generation. The balance of the racquet is also crucial: a balance too much in the head favors power at the expense of maneuverability, while a balance too much in the handle favors swing responsiveness, but can limit power.

As you can see, selecting an appropriate racquet is essential to improve your performance and maximize your enjoyment on the court. It is also essential not to overestimate your skills as such an error could lead to regrets about your purchase and lead you to formulate a negative opinion on the racket purchased, when it simply does not suit your optimal level of play. . By carefully analyzing your needs, strengths and weaknesses, you can find the ideal racket that will help you realize your full potential.

Importantly, both series include a special Juan Lebron edition, featuring a distinctive and exclusive design inspired by “El Lobo”. Performance remains equal to that of standard models, making it the perfect choice for fans of the former world number one.

I would like to warmly thank Babolat France for giving me the opportunity to test all these models in real time. This allowed me to understand the nuances between each racket and to transcribe them to you as best as possible in these two files.

I hope that this information will have allowed you to see things more clearly and to choose the racket Babolat which suits you best.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!